Canadian MTB Legend, Brett Tippie, Rides Maydena Bike Park, Tasmania

Tasmania’s gravity nirvana, Maydena Bike Park is a mighty place, a must-visit bike park with a unique flavour. With a magical combination of altitude, terrain and amazing trail construction, it’s Australia’s answer to the big bike parks of Europe or North America.

Yeah, yeah, we hear you, you’ve heard that all before. But what about the other way around, what would someone from a big bike park in North America say about Maydena? What would one of the founding members of the freeride movement, a mountain bike hall-of-fame member think of Australia’s mighty bike park?

Brett Tippie is a lunatic, a classic extreme athlete, a well-travelled and experienced rider. With a reputation for riding crazy lines, steep chutes and lapping bike parks like The Energizer Bunny on too much caffeine.

What did Tippie think of Maydena Bike Park?

Braaaaap! Two Canadians embrace with their native, errr, embrace?
Tippie on top of the world, about to drop 820m of sweet vert.
Doin it for the ‘Gram.
Can’t get lost with maps like these at the major trail junctions.
Rhys shows the tourist the way down Zen Garden, one of the Pro Lines in the park.
Compatriot Brendan Howey joins Tippie for a lap, and some steeze.
Iconic Howey. Style and skill crafted from more time in bike parks in Canada and now Maydena than anyone.
Tippie trading the chairlift of Whistler for the bus uplift, Tassie style.
When you drop that much vert in just three turns, you know you’re in Maydena.
Rhys and Tippie, out!

Tippie ride the Maydena Wilderness Trail

For a more gentle tour of the beautiful West Coast Tassie terrain, Simon and Brett take a lap of the Wilderness Trail, check that out here:

Video: Taylor Wright

Photos: Ryan Finlay

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