19 Mar 2018

Falls Creek specialises in the spectacular: of all the mountain biking destinations slung across this region, it’s Falls that always drops our jaw. Way up high on the alpine plains, the views are drop-dead gorgeous, and the 40km+ of trails are of the same calibre as the setting.

All of Falls Creek’s trails start and finish from the mountainside village which attracts cyclists of all persuasions through summer and features a surprisingly buzzing vibe. Beginner and intermediate trails loop close to the village making Falls a perfect family-friendly destination.

Since the opening of Flow Town trail, you can easily flow a perfect 20-minute descent from the summit, all the way down to the Blue Dirt shuttle waiting at the resort gates.

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Hot tub and a Bridge Road Beechworth Pale Ale – relaxing after a big day on the mountain

For more information about riding in Falls Creek, and across the whole region, head to www.ridehighcountry.com.au