28 May 2019

On most mountain bike trips we've been on, dinner is usually a predictable pizza or parma at the pub, or in the worst case a couple of old muesli bars if the pub's shut. Not so in Alice Springs.

After a day on the trails, you could head to the pub for a feed. Or, like the Tucknott crew, you could dine on gourmet local fare, in the dramatic red sands of an ancient river bed, surrounded by the clear night sky and a million stars. On their final night in Alice, the Tucknotts were treated to a very special evening with Bob Taylor from RT Tours Australia.

Tony commandeers the tongs.
The soft early evening light of the desert is truly beautiful.
Amazing surrounds for a spot of dinner.
Read the menu and try not to be jealous.

Bob Taylor. A true character and amazing host.
Ever tried emu before?
Jenny Tucknott, happy to pull up stumps for the day and enjoy a wonderful evening.
Cooking over a mulga fire.
Quondong puddings.