Must-Ride: Cairns and the Tropical North

Flow Nation Gorrell Track 29

But for Australian mountain bikers, that pilgrimage is to Cairns. This tropical paradise in Queensland’s northern reaches is the sweaty, un-tamed birthplace of mountain biking in Australia. It’s where our sport bloomed, where the limits were pushed and incredible talents grew quickly like sugar cane in the rich volcanic soils.

Flow headed not just to Cairns, but we mapped out a rough plan to explore some of the riding in broader region too. It turns out that while the nation’s mountain bikers have been focused elsewhere, the local contingent have been working harder than the bed springs in a Cairns backpackers – this place is officially going off!

Join us for a three-day razz around the region as we get a taste of the trails on offer at Smithfield, Mareeba, Atherton and the Cassowary Coast – three incredible areas all within a short distance of Cairns. Watch the vid, get your froth on, then head to for more info.


Read more about our time in Smithfield here.





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Read more about the riding in Mareeba right here.



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See more shots from Atherton and learn more here, or watch a video all about the trails here.



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Learn more about riding the Gorrell Track right here.

Mission Beach at sunrise

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Flow Nation Gorrell Track 18


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Wait-a-while vine. It'll stop you better than any four-piston brake.
Wait-a-while vine. It’ll stop you better than any four-piston brake.

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