22 Nov 2013

WEMBO 2014

WEMBO 2014 from frazer on Vimeo.

SEGMENTS – Ep. No.3 – Squamish by Trail

SEGMENTS – Ep. No.3 – Squamish by Trail from Mitch Gulliver on Vimeo.

Swift RockyMountain Season 2 Ep2

This episode follows the team to round 2 of the VDHS at Granton which saw the return of the flooded pits, similar to Canberra National champs last season. Ben Hill took the fastest qualifying time outright, backed it up with a win in 19’s and 5th fastest of the day.

The team then moved on the round 2 of the Alpine gravity Elevation series in Bright, this event saw the return of Luke and a thunderstorm in the elite mens second race run, playing in Crundy’s favour, seeing him take home 5th place.

Swift RockyMountain Season 2 Ep2 from Jake Lucas on Vimeo.

PROJEKT ROAM: Landscapes Vol. 3

Landscapes is a film series that celebrates and depicts the fruit of the earth’s time and toils with the elements that have helped to create and shape the terrain we mountain bike across today. Volume 3 of Landscapes captures the charm and range of Whitefish, MT. Throughout this rugged and tumultuous topography, trails abound. Ripe for exploring, this town is a treasure cache of mountain biking diversity.

PROJEKT ROAM: Landscapes Vol. 3 from Projekt Roam on Vimeo.

Nostalgia for the MTB Riding Season | Over the Edge, Ep. 3

As the warm days of Summer are fading further and further away into the memory banks, we can’t help but feel Nostalgic about those longer days, and all the riding we could fit into them.

In this episode, Bas van Steenbergen is adjusting to the cold and wet annual closing of the mountain bike and downhill riding season while looking back at the better days only a few months previous.

Also featuring MTB, BMX and dirtbike riders Ray George, Carson Storch, Tom van Steenbergen and Dennis Langenstam.