Gravitate Returns for 2012

“Come to Cairns,” they said. “You will never ride anything else as steep,” they said.

They were right. Cairns holds a special place in the history of mountain biking, especially within Australia. Lead by a group of hardcore, open-minded and adrenaline-filled individuals, who began taking quantum leaps forward to carve a new path in the scene. Literally. [private]
Gravitate was created in 2010 by the man who started it all, Glen Jacobs, as a gathering of the original crew. It was a reunion and a celebration of what it meant to be part of the ‘The Great Northern Hill Tribe’ with past, present and new members from all over Australia to take part in a week of rides and events catering to every discipline. Seen as an unexpected success, the Cairns MTB Club took on the running of Gravitate and have expanded it for future years.

One of the highlight events of the week is the dawn till dusk downhill shuttle day. 12 hours, 3500 vertical metres of descending.

In 2012, Gravitate once again returned. The week was hailed a great success with more riders, more sponsors, more prizes and more riding! Creek jump contests, meandering cross country adventures, 12 hours spent descending over 3500 vertical metres of the region’s wildest DH trails, epic all-mountain rides, a blast through history down the 1996 World Champs course, cross country pony express racing and downhill racing, kids’ skills days…

Who doesn’t love a good creek jump? Pool noodles and common sense optional.

Finishing the week off was the star event – the infamous ‘Jungle Dirt Bowl Jam’. A huge step-up from previous years, the hits were massively impressive. The local BMX and dirt jump crew once again showcased the masses of talent hidden to the rest of the country. And of course, the night would not be complete without a jam on the ancient behemoth that is the dirt bowl, carved out of the earth back in 1994 during the country’s first World Cup.

The Jungle Dirt Bowl Jam brought out the local BMX talent, as well as the mountain bike dirt jump contingent.

Massive crowds and overwhelming participation throughout the week helped prove the point Cairns is once again set firmly on the Australian mountain bike map.
No matter what you ride, no matter what bike, age, Gravitate has something for everyone. The region is in the process of some big and new exciting adventures in the mountain bike scene, including the ongoing bid to host the 2016 UCI World Championships; a 20 year anniversary for Cairns… Gravitate will continue to grow in size over the next few years.

The infamous dirt bowl high jump contest. Hours of head-slapping, crank bending fun.

There is no other place in Australia that comes even close to what riding a mountain bike in Cairns is about. It’s not only the terrain, but the culture, the people, the stories, the legends… If you think there is, Gravitate to Cairns in 2013 and find out for yourself.
A huge thanks to the tireless crew of volunteers and members behind the Cairns Mountain Bike Club for making the week happen. For more info, photos and the official Gravitate Movie – head to and follow the links to Gravitate.


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