Hans Rey Returns to Derby | One of His Favourite Mountain Bike Towns in the World?

When you travel the world riding bikes, what makes a destination stand out? Hans Rey has been a professional mountain biker for long enough to see fads come and go but turns out he and his wife Carmen have a soft spot for Derby.

Watch Hans riding Derby, seeing new trails, heckling enduro races, meeting new talent and shredding like a boss!

Hans and Carmen Rey’s impressions on Derby:

You could probably travel the world over and never find anywhere quite like Derby; not Derby England, but rather Derby in northeast Tasmania. It is here that you will find a network of trails that are exquisite to look at, masterfully created and sensational to ride; this is Blue Derby.

Hans railing turns under ferns, Derby style.
Spot the Rey, across the other side of Lake Derby. One of the newer family-friendly green trails in the expansive network.

Multiple factors come together to create the perfect mountain biking destination. A picturesque town not too far from an airport, one with infrastructures such as bike shops, shuttles, restaurants, accommodation and public amenities, and of course, a pub. Easily accessible and all within a short riding distance from a choice of stunning trails, for all skill levels and set in a beautiful landscape.

Derby and its Blue Derby trails tick all the boxes. It is a town that in every sense is about mountain biking. Whether you are an absolute beginner feeling the dirt under your tires for the first time, an XC hard tailer or a jump junkie, you will find your inner spirit level soar as you experience some or all of the 123 km of purpose-built mountain bike trails.

But that is not all; there is another vital thing that makes Blue Derby extra special; the landscape and the dirt. Temperate rainforest thick with lush fauna framed by canopies of tree ferns, sunlight dappling through creating a filigree of shadows reflected on waterfalls and streams. Sticky dirt, smooth dirt, groomed dirt, perfect dirt almost all year round.

Diving through the iconic ‘crack’ on Detonate, one of the trickier trails, and a challenging stage at the Enduro World Series earlier in 2019.

Back in 2016, I visited Derby along with Hans and Tyler McCaul to experience, photograph and write about this gem of a town and the trails built by master constructors World Trail. Derby was little known outside of Australia then, it was a small sleepy place, abandoned by commerce and many of its residents, with hardly anywhere to eat, one bike rental and shuttle service and an empty pub.

The trails, however, were amazing and we knew that Derby would not stay quiet and empty for long.

Miles Smith, the town has nurtured his talent and passion for mountain biking.
A generation apart, Miles shows Hans some of his local and favourite trails.

Oh, how things have changed. The trail network has expanded, there is now a choice of bike shops, stocked with everything you need or desire, the accommodation has grown from a few beds to hundreds of beds, property that no one wanted to own has been snapped up, and the pub is full every night.

Word has spread, in a short time, Derby has gone from hibernating to thriving, and it is all down to MTB. In just a few days we met people from Colorado, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium and New Zealand, all super stoked with what they found there, Blue Derby is now on the map international map as a go-to destination to ride.

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