High Country in Motion – Beechworth

Local shredder, Mason tames one of the A-line rock gardens that bites.

Rolling into town, we had a plan to capture what makes this town tick; the friendly social scene, young talent, the distinctive terrain, and the place where most rides finish, that famous brewery.

Ben Kraus, founder of Bridge Road Brewery, lined up a couple of fresh young talents, Kane and Mason, to ride the trails the way we all wish we could, these two shredders blew the doors off as they sprinted through the trails at ridiculous speeds.

The Beechworth MTB Park is easy to navigate and splits into A and B-line options all over the place, we let the fearless youth loose onto the A-lines with bigger jumps and rowdy rocks and opted to follow Ben through the classic singletrack the place is famous for.

B-line Ben from the brewery, and A-line groms Mason and Kane.
Leading the groms into the network.
Plenty of features and alternate lines to play with in this place.

Ben scoots underneath one of Beechworth’s more iconic trail features, always fun to muck around on this rock. So much grip!
A-lines for the groms.

After watching Kane and Mason tear the place apart, we moved on to join the regular Wednesday night social ride, though we didn’t expect such a mad turnout! The social riding scene in Beechworth brings in riders from neighbouring towns, from all walks of life.

With night-riding lights ready, the mob heads out to the trails and takes in the setting sun upon Ingram’s Rock, an iconic landmark where a lot of the town’s granite building materials were sourced in earlier times.

The local crew!
Are all Wednesday nights like this in Beechworth? Maybe…
Banter before a dash through the trails at dusk.
Sweet evening light in the High Country.
Chris from The Woolshed Cabins accommodation bringing the cheer.

Picturesque Beechworth is well preserved, turning the corner to town is like taking a step back in time, and offers plenty to do when you’re not riding the trails. If you’re a fan of that iconic architectural country Victorian style sandstone buildings or the austere agricultural landscape, swimming under fresh waterfalls, eating really well, drinking the best beer or even wandering the retail stores down the main street, you won’t have a shortage of things to do when your legs have had enough riding.

Shane on his locally made, steel hardtail frame, Tor.
Incoming thirst!
Great beer, no better place to sign off a good ride with the crew.
Small town, tight crew when the staff are pouring beers in their riding kit.

See what we mean? Visiting this town, and riding the trails is a must, maybe turn up on a Wednesday, too?

For more information, trail maps and everything else you need, head to Ride High Country’s website.


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