Squid’s Eye View Part 1 | Maydena EDR through the lens of Kristina Vackova

Maydena Bike Park has hit the world stage, hosting the first-ever Enduro World Cup. With new trails, two top-to-bottom runs, and an electrifying atmosphere, Maydena welcomed the world’s best riders back to Oz the only way they know how — with one of the wildest days of racing we’ve ever seen.

There was dust hanging in the air, the horns and cowbells were deafening, and folks were tightly packed on the edges of every stage. Put simply, it was epic.

We let a pair of photographers loose on Maydena to bring you the event the way they saw it — the sights, the feeling, the atmosphere. First-up, is Czech-born, now Tassie local is Kristina Vackova, who was also embedded with Team Shimano for the race weekend. Stay tuned for more!

Emerging from the deep dark jungle, Maydena pitted riders against its mix of epic scenery and unrelenting technical trails.
Among the massive trees, sometimes it’s challenging to find the sun at Maydena — and not just because of the canopy. Fortunately, the weather gods smiled on this year’s event.
World Cups don’t have to be serious. Willem Burgess is only 14-years-old, and he’s having a blast.
Laser focused over at team Shimano.
That is a big hill, Barry. And we’re riding it top to bottom. Twice, at race pace.
With the weekend being so dry, the stages were constantly in flux. The lines that riders were taking during practice often didn’t exist when it came time for the race run.
The trails at Maydena can be unforgiving.
I wonder if he got the shot?
The Giant Factory Off-Road train leaving the station in a cloud of dusty speed.
The size and energy of the crowds are what people often mention about Aussie MTB World Cups. It’s not hard to see why.
The moment it all went to hell…
Huston, I don’t think we’ll be able to ride out of this one.
Welcome to Maydena Hecklefest, my name is Chris P. Bits, and I will be your guide. Please keep all body parts inside of the bus, and if you have a voice by the end of the tour, you’ve done it wrong.
Get after it groms! Yeww!
Even some of the more elusive locals came out to see the show.
Maydena Bike Park Manager Rhys Ellis making sure the dirt is still loamy.
The U21 women enjoying the fruits of the day’s labour. Get after it, ladies!
Isabeau Courdurier embracing the local traditions.
All Aussie adventures with Luke Meier-Smith, Dan Booker and Connor Fearon at Maydena Bike Park. Pretty cool see all three steps occupied by local riders.

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