Mt Buller: One Mountain, Many Ways to Ride it

With trails to suit just about every style of rider and bike, Buller’s the kind of place that can tempt you into to all kinds of quasi-justifiable, but potentially financially/familially destructive bike purchasing rampages.

You see, you’ve gotta bring a road bike, so you can enjoy the proximity to some of the country’s best roads and climbs, including the famed 16km ascent to the village.

And then you’ll definitely want a cross-country bike too, for ripping around the endless amount of flowy singletrack, on trails like Gang Gangs, Misty Twist and Medusa.

But then something with a bit more travel wouldn’t go astray as well, maybe an all-mountain bike, so you can really hammer it on the epic descents like Copperhead, Stonefly, the Australian Alpine Epic or the Delatite River Trail.

Of course you’ll also to bring your downhill bike, for cutting laps on the chair-lifted trails of International and ABOM too, so make sure you leave space in the car for that one as well….

Join us, as National Enduro Champ Chris Panozzo shows you how to make the most of Mt Buller!

Climbing on perfect roads in the late arvo light.
Picture perfect alpine singletrack on Misty Twist.
Heading up Medusa, with Mt Stirling in the distance.


Sunset at the Buller summit is to die for. It’s always worth the climb.
Clancy’s Run, off the peak of Corn Hill.
Jamming it into another granite berm on Clancy’s Run.
And don’t forget your downhill bike. The descents of ABOM and International have been part of the Australian downhill circuit for years, for good reason.


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