My Local

This the photo from Andrew Hall that stirred my emotions. I miss my local.
This is the photo from Andrew Hall that stirred my emotions. I miss my local.

Sitting at yet another airport, in yet another city far away from my hometown, I log onto Facebook and see a photo from my local trails. It reminded me how much I miss them.

I am lucky enough to get to travel to ride and shoot photos of some of the best and most exotic locations in the world. Trails that go forever, climbs that make my lungs bleed, downhill trails that smash my body, majestic views that distract me, and animals that are beautifully different from what I normally see (and scary sometimes too).

But, as much as I love to travel and ride in amazing places, every time I do away I begin to miss my local (trails).

Some people would consider my local as nothing special when compared to my travelled locations. It’s not a huge mountain, it’s not far away from people, it doesn’t have raging rivers to cross, it doesn’t have endless kms of trails, the uphills are relatively easy, and the downhills not so brutal.

However, my local is dear to me. I have gown up with it, I have seen it go through good and bad, I have seen it destroyed and rebuilt, I know its every mood, I know the local animals, I know each and every line, I know when the soil is going to be at its best, and I can almost ride down each trail with my eyes shut.

So why do I miss my local so much?  It’s a place that relaxes me, it is soothing, I know it without need for maps or GPS, and most importantly, it’s where my friends are. My local is where I go to unwind and enjoy life just that little more.

My local is Stromlo Forest Park.

Where is your local and what does it mean to you?


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