Photo Feature: Oregon

As a photographer I take a hell of a lot of photos and most of them don’t see the light of day. I send vast selections of photos off to editors and months later they choose just a small amount – and even then, most end up as tiny little photos on a lonely piece of paper that people breeze by.

So rather than the photos dying a digital death I am going to regularly put a few together for the Flow readers.  Maybe it will inspire you to take more photos, or maybe it will inspire you to ride and travel more.  Either way, I hope it inspires you in some way.

As the resident photo geek at Flow, if at anytime you have questions about mountain bike photography feel free to hit me up at

These are a few leftovers from a trip to Oregon, Washington (USA).  It was an amazing place and the few days I had was never going to be enough.  This trip was rushed and the hardest thing with most road trips is finding the balance between riding, driving and shooting.  With so many places to ride and see I did end up wasting too much time on the road.  Still, I loved it.

I drove a very long way to get to Oregon but lucky the highways of the USA make life so much easier.
That’s no to say my journey wasn’t interrupted though. I was sure she was going to let me off with a warning as I broke out the heavy Aussie accent. Didn’t work.
The mountains were spectacular, but don’t ask me to name all of them as I was constantly confused as to which was which.
This was in Hood River.  Not being a local is great as every trail is new and exciting.  This trail in particular grabbed my attention for a photo as it draws a perfect line between the chaos and peace.
Still in Hood River I was setting up a shot that I spotted the day before.  Yep, I was shooting selfies however I wasn’t alone, I had beers and friends with me.
Being so dry where I live any chance I get to shoot water I grab.  I had a big fall down a cliff here trying to find a spot to also get a rider in the shot.  Sometimes things just don’t work out and I was more than happy I walked away with some scratches.
There was just so much to see and ride and the balance riding and shooting is always hard.
If you look closely by back/shoulder are covered in dust.  That’s not from crashing, it’s from trying to set-up the camera on the ground.
The colour green is also something rare from where I’m from, but in Oregon it’s everywhere.
This is near Bend, Oregon.  A legendary place to ride however I was just breezing through and didn’t get the bike out.  Sometimes you have to leave things for the future.
Long rides and long days deserve rewards.  When I am shooting on these adventures I carry a heavy pack when shooting and ofter 6 hours of riding I was very stuffed… and thirsty.

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