Photo Feature: The Best of Thredbo Cannonball MTB Festival

Thredbo will be going off December 4-6, three days of racing, live music and DJs.

The line-up of events includes the side by side SRAM Dual Compressor, RockShox Pump Track Challenge on Thredbo’s new look pump track, the ODI Whip Wars Big Air, Maxxis Flow Motion Cup and the jewel in the crown, the Toyota Australian Open Downhill.

Event website.

Click here for online entries.

Coming into its third year, we reflect on some of the great images from up on the distinctive Thredbo mountain.


Cannonball-MTB-Fest-Day-3-9 Thredbo_Cannonballl_Day2-6-710x472 Thredbo_Cannonballl_Day2-23-710x472 D33_7970-710x472 NEWS_THREDBO_CANNONBALL_DH-4-710x472 (c) Tim Bardsley-Smith Cannonball-Fest-2014-41 Cannonball-Fest-2014-5 Bruce Moir sneeks in a run of the downhill track as the bad weather got closer. Cannonball-Fest-2014-6 Cannonball-Fest-2014-71NEWS_THREDBO_CANNONBALL_DH-14-710x471NEWS_THREDBO_CANNONBALL_DH-16-710x472D77_1570-710x471D77_1303-710x472Thredbo_Cannonballl_Day2-20-710x472Thredbo_Cannonballl_Day2-14-710x472D77_1872-710x472D77_1679-710x472D77_2658-710x471D77_2599-710x471(c) Tim Bardsley-SmithAngus Maddern looking stylish in his race run.Cannonball-MTB-Fest-2-2(c) Tim Bardsley-SmithCannonball-MTB-Fest-2-3Cannonball-MTB-Fest-Day-3-7Cannonball-MTB-Fest-2-1Cannonball-MTB-Fest-Day-3-1D77_2280-710x471Bruce Moir sneeks in a run of the downhill track as the bad weather got closer.Cannonball-MTB-Fest-Day-3-18Cannonball-MTB-Fest-Day-3-5Cannonball-MTB-Fest-Day-3-6(c) Tim Bardsley-SmithCannonball-MTB-Fest-Day-3-17Cannonball-MTB-Fest-Day-3-13Cannonball-MTB-Fest-Day-3-10Sam Hill leaves a less than perminant mark on a very happy fan.Cannonball-MTB-Fest-2-14Cannonball-MTB-Fest-Day-3-19Cannonball-MTB-Fest-Day-3-11Cannonball-MTB-Fest-Day-3-8

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