Photo Feature: Yeti Headquarters

Way back in 2009, Flow’s Damian Breach and Mick Ross were in Colorado for some riding, relaxing and margarita indulgence.

We both fell in love with the margarita and we also fell in love with a very special part of the trip, a visit to Yeti Headquarters in Golden, Colorado.

The Yeti brand has always been famous for “grass roots” mountain biking and seeing the facility first hand enforced that image.   Yeti is steeped in mountain bike history but that history hasn’t always been golden (pun intended).  There was a time where the brand almost disappeared.

We found that the people who worked their really love the brand, they all rode mountain bikes, and we got a sense of a small family atmosphere.  Yeti is no small brand by any sense of the imagination, however they have found a way to balance the busy craziness of the corporate world and the peace and friendship of mountain biking.

We’re pretty sure some things would have changed since our visit in 2009, but we’re confident that the Yeti brand and the culture remains the same.

The front office of Yeti HQ, Golden, Colorado.  It’s both a work space and display area for a little bit of history behind the brand.
The “Yeti”.
Yeti has sponsored and supported some of the biggest names in mountain biking. It’s hard to think of a brand that has had so much talent come through their doors.
Which bike do you want?.  The Yeti facility in Golden was a global business HQ, office and assembly facility.
So much Yeti eye candy to be had everywhere we looked.
All brands have bikes that break and this is where some of the Yeti destruction ends up.  It’s important that some broken bikes end up back with the manufacture so they can learn and make improvements.
The Golden facility didn’t manufacture all the production Yeti’s but the prototypes made their home there.
This is just one such prototype.  It was very cool to see all the different designs Yeti plays with and there’s many that never see the light of production.
Can’t say we’ve seen too many of this colour on the local trails?
The assembly area.  This is where your dream Yeti is build and shipped off for your enjoyment.
The end.


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