Video: Ride Rotorua Top 10 Trails #9 – Taniwha Downhill

Words by Flow | Images by Graeme Murray, Damian Breach

Rotorua’s incredible forests seems to breed fast riders, as if they are hatched out of the soil ready to blast through the trees with reckless abandon. When it came time to ride the downhill track, we were escorted by one of the finest descenders around – Lewis Hamilton, or was it his father, Dave Hamilton?

Taniwha Downhill is more than just a track down a hill with shuttle access, it’s a real race track that will take the best riders to their limits. With world class events like the Oceania Champs and NZ national rounds transforming the steep gradient into a myriad of lightening fast and wide lines, deep turns, rapid step down jumps and doubles so big you could park fifty trucks between the takeoff and landing ramps.

We tried our very best to keep up with the local pinner, but all we could do was see him boost away into the mist and catch up for a sweaty handshake at the bottom.


Lewis Hamilton – can shred, can whip, can flog us.


Dave Hamilton, the local cop does a great Lewis impersonation.

Feature_Rotorua_Top10_DH-7 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_DH-8 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_DH-C4 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_DH-9 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_DH-10



A wild mix of loam, and greasy tree roots will confuse even the grippiest of tyres.

Feature_Rotorua_Top10_DH-13 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_DH-C3 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_DH-14 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_DH-22 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_DH-C2