Video: Ride Rotorua Top Ten Trails #10 – Challenge

Words by Flow | Images by Graeme Murray, Damian Breach

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting your but kicked by a girl. That’s especially true when the girl doing the butt kicking is Lisa Horlor, one of Rotorua’s famously fast femme fatales. Lisa (who smiles more in three minutes than most people will in a week) was our local guide for Challenge, a new jump and berm fiesta in a recently felled block of Rotorua forest.

Even if Lisa’s infectious grin hadn’t done the trick, Challenge is the kind of trail that forces you to smile and holler. It’s 100% off the brakes; roller, berm, double, double, berm, berm, roller, step-up…. you get in the flow just thinking about it! It’s a trail you can ride on any bike and with a five minute cruise back up the fire road to start it all again (or perhaps you’d prefer one of the other similarly awesome options in the Challenge Block) it’s no wonder this has become one of the most popular in Rotoland already.

Feature_Rotorua_Top10_Challenge-C5 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_Challenge-2 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_Challenge-5 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_Challenge-27 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_Challenge-7 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_Challenge-12 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_Challenge-13 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_Challenge-14


Feature_Rotorua_Top10_Challenge-C2 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_Challenge-15 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_Challenge-16


Feature_Rotorua_Top10_Challenge-C1 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_Challenge-19 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_Challenge-C3 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_Challenge-20 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_Challenge-21


Feature_Rotorua_Top10_Challenge-C4 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_Challenge-25 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_Challenge-26 Feature_Rotorua_Top10_Challenge-C6