Riding the Lush Maydena Wilderness Trail, With Brett Tippie

Mountain biking in Tasmania conjurers images of lush wilderness, tall ferns, dark dirt and mammoth trees. Maydena’s Wilderness Trail is all of that, spread over a flowing green-grade descent.

While you may think Maydena is all steep tech and fast jumps, think again. What they’ve created with the Wilderness Trail is absolutely beautiful. Brett Tippie, the Canadian mountain bike legend takes a ride through the wilderness. Enjoy!

What did Tippie think of Maydena’s Wilderness Trail?

This blue level trail takes a more meandering route through the forest, heading into previously untouched areas of the hillside.
One of the most beautiful parts on the hill.
It has a very different flavour to most of the park, with longer, pumping traverses.
Maydena’s Simon French and Brett Tippie trade stories of wilderness and why Whistler is so 2019.

Tippie Rides The Maydena Bike Park

Don’t miss the video with Brett Tippie shuttling the Bike Park, taking in the all of the best bits; https://flowmountainbike.com/features/canadian-mtb-legend-brett-tippie-rides-maydena-bike-park-tasmania/

Video: Taylor Wright

Photos: Ryan Finlay

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