Slabs, Slams, Slop, Stoke and a Bush Doof | The Derby EDR with Kristina Vackova

Despite feeling exhausted from a long and exciting weekend in Maydena, I was thrilled to be asked to return to Derby for another round of shooting. With limited time to rest due to my day job, I eagerly made my way to Derby to capture yet another thrilling weekend of Enduro Racing.

From the incredible crowds to the challenging conditions, Derby did not disappoint. Although my original intention was to focus on lifestyle photos of the energetic crowds and the stunning landscapes of Blue Derby, the intense racing action compelled me to capture more images of the riders themselves.

Even when I found myself drenched in the rain, along with my poor phone, I still enjoyed photographing in Derby, regardless of the weather conditions. It was an exhilarating experience to be part of the madness and to meet so many amazing people along the way. Is this what they call ‘type-2 fun’?

Check out Justin’s gallery here:

Check out Mick’s gallery here:

Sunset colours in Derby are always so breathtaking.
The riders are about to tackle some challenging liaisons throughout the 42km course.
Shakas and dead eyes, which emotion do we believe? It was a grim day out there during practice.
Water Vandy!
The Detonate Lily Pad has claimed another wheel. This time it was Matthew Fairbrother, the 18 yo Kiwi phenom that is bike-packing his way around the Enduro World Cup. Look him up, and prepare to be humbled.
Dave Ludenia charged through and took the Open Men’s category win [with his shirt on – Ed].
Dappled light and an ever-changing track was a challenge for rider and photographers.
A very excited Kaiden Hayes officially opens Hazy Days, the new green-flow trail, in memory of his late father, Jeffrey.
Go ride Hazy Days, it’s a hoot.
Fork n’ hell. What a rock slide.
That says it all.
About to come-a-gustsa on Kumma Gutza.
No, no no no noooooo not now!
No turning back.
The drivetrain wear acceleration machine left no survivors.
Richie making this gnarly rock line look effortless on his way to the win.
‘Mud’ was the only response Oli could come up with after his first enduro race. His dad was super proud seeing him at the finish line.
Slabs, gum trees and blue skies. Yay for the World Cup Down Under!
This guy hit the deck so hard; the whole crowd stopped cheering. Then he got to his feet, and started running, and the crowd went bonkers at full volume.
The crowds on Cuddles were amazing. A real amphitheatre vibe.
One of the hardest parts of the day was getting out of the spectating zones when the riders had finished. It was hard enough to walk down!

Cheers, thanks for reading!

All photos – Kristina Vackova – @kiphotomedia

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