Team Shimano Does Derby

Round two of the Shimano Enduro Tour saw the series head to Derby, and seven of Shimano’s best enduro racers piled in to get amongst it! The crew was a good one: Wyn Masters, Josh Carlson, Paul Van Der Ploeg, Chris Panozzo, James Cannonball Hall, Ben McIlroy, Jonny Odams and Shimano Australia athlete manager Toby Shingleton.

What followed was a bloody hilarious weekend of razzing, trash talking, burnouts, pizza, trivia, plank-offs, beer swilling, donuts and one podium finish. Watch the vid and peruse the pics below!

Derby has grown like mad. The new pump track, fresh green trails for beginners and the incredible new Air Ya Goin’ jump trail are just superb.
The riders all scored new XTR group sets for the weekend. The only catch, they had to fit them! Bike building in the dark is standard pre-race fare, and always makes for good banter.
The bike builds moved to the kitchen when it was time to deal with internal cable routing.
Kitchen table / work bench.
Pizza scavengers. Cheers!
Panozzo and McIlroy get Beemac’s sled dialled.
How many riders does it take to fit a chain guide?
We stayed in the recently (as in, just finished the afternoon we checked in!) refurbished Postmaster’s Lodge. Highly recommended!
Panozzo and his morning brew. Does like a strong coffee.
Jonny Odams contemplates freehub standards in the morning light.
This is how pros eat breakfast – surrounded by expensive bike parts.
You know you’re good when you have personalised tools.
Stunning bit of the world.
Friday morning’s practice and it was straight into the rocks of Detonate.
Odams chose to ride the short travel Giant Trance 29er. Detonate definitely tested its big hit capabilities.
James Cannonball Hall emerges from the rocks.
Eyeing up one of the heftiest rock gardens out there on Shearpin.
Wyn lets it run on the damp rocks.
Vandy couldn’t help himself with a quick huck down the new Air Ya Goin’ trail.
Little Rivers Brewery in Scottsdale was the pick for some post-ride ales.
Chris, the Little Rivers Brewer, was all too happy to talk us through the brew process.
Sampling the Sour Series.
Wyn and Cannonball through the chunky terrain of Shearpin.
Good mullets in Scottsdale.
Floating through the Air Ya Goin’ jump trail.
Donut talk to me.
Odams lays the big wheels into a big berm.
Cannonball goes a little deep (deep enough to land into the bank about 5m past the lander!).
Surfing perfect dirt.
The Derby Main Street crew. This town has a fantastic core crew making it happen.
The team that soft serves together, stays together.

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