The Scott 25 Hour Pack List

This time last year we ran a couple of how-to articles leading up to the Scott 24 Hour race. One looked at how to prepare for the event a few weeks out. (Check them out here and here. This year, the weekend includes an extra hour of racing to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Canberra Off-Road Cyclists Club who organise this massive event.

Plans for a great weekend can unravel fast if you don’t turn up prepared. We’ve put together a pack list to ensure you ride well on the bike and make the most of the times when you’re not riding as well. Half the fun is enjoying the festival-like atmosphere after all.

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Flow’s 25 Hour Pack List:

Sleeping things: Tent, sleeping bag, mat, pillow, silk inner (so you can sleep in your warm sleeping bag in dirty riding clothes), alarm clock.

Riding essentials: bike, shoes, helmet, gloves, pump or CO2, spare tube, multi-tool.

Spare kit: knicks, jerseys, warmer kit for cold night laps, spare gloves in case yours get covered in sweat, frost or tyre sealant.

Camp clothes: warm jacket for sitting around and waiting at transition, trackies, favourite beanie, off-bike shoes.

Lights: fully charged helmet, bar and rear lights, chargers and a petzl, torch or keyring light so you don’t mix things up at the camp site and drink a bottle of lube instead of a Red Bull.

Race food: gels, bars, energy drink. Pack enough for an item or two each lap, then pack a bit extra in case you end up doing more laps because you broke your teammates. Gels are especially handy half way through a double-lap to keep your energy levels up.

Meal food: breakfast, dinner and a couple of lunches. Or pack some cash to take advantage of the food stands at the event. Dutch pancakes are especially popular.

Snack food: muffins, bananas, chocolate, things to graze on between laps. Bring enough to share around if you’d like to make some new friends or your bike desperately needs servicing and there’s a queue.

Campsite extras: flags or decorations that mates can use to locate your digs, chairs, table, music/race radio, coffee maker, whiteboard (or pizza box/piece of cardboard/scrap of something) to mark lap times on, permanent marker, anything that will make you feel warm and awake at 3.30am.

Repair pieces: this one will depend on what you have and what you know how to use. Spare tyres, brake pads, chain, extra tubes, sealant, zip ties and gaffa tape will get you out of most difficulties. Some riders will also pack a work stand and a whole shop worth of tools and spares. Read the pre-event info to see if a bike shop will be out at the race as well to reduce the stress should something go wrong on or between laps.

Novelty items: spoke lights, walkie talkies, tequila, microwave, beanbag, jelly snakes, dress ups, team sofa, pop-up change room, a heater that won’t burn down your campsite, a friend who comes out on Sunday with ice creams. We had a friend who took his cat, Fi Fi, once, but that was an accident. Always look twice before closing lid to your toolbox.

Have we missed something that will make a great weekend an even better one? Let other riders know in the comments section below.

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