The Top Five: I Can't Run an Event Without…

Martin Wisata is one half of the Rocky Trail Entertainment team. Each year he runs more than 20 different events, from 24hr races, to downhills and gravity enduros.

He needs to be prepared for any contingency, so what are five must-haves items in his event kit?

When preparing an event a lot of time is spent packing: tents, banners, tables, chairs, prizes, generators, fuel, water, star pickets, computers, number plates, certificates, bikes,… and the list goes on until the trailer and the car are full to the brim. But besides the things you see at an even here are 5 key ingredients that make a successful Rocky Trail event:

1. Duct tape and cable ties

No matter if you go for a ride or build a house – those 2 items should always be in your pocket. How anyone can run an event without them is beyond me.

2. Smart phone

It really is the swiss army knife for nerds. The main apps I use at events is the weather radar, fire radar in summer, the camera and tweeting race updates. Apparently you can even call people with those things… amazing.

3. Bottle opener

Once you have had a purple hand because you opened 450 Czech finisher beers with a wrench you will never leave home without it.

4. Hammers and long nails

While we always prepared for our own tents we started to think of other tents from sponsors and spectators too. Long nails are the cheapest replacement for tent pegs and we always bring an entire box full of them. Once it gets windy and tents start to fly we are ready to peg away.

5. Extra bunting

Usually the track gets prepared 1-2 days prior to an event but once the race starts riders find sneaky lines, also known as creative line choice or cheating, and we head out there to gently remind them where the track goes but double bunting the cheat lines.



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