VIDEO | Thredbo Has a Brand New Trail Called ‘Ricochet’

Thredbo is a magnificent place to ride. Known well for its chairlift accessed descending trails, high-alpine scenes, tremendous festivals, races and events, it has been a large part of Australian mountain biking for yonks.

In the shadows of Australia’s highest point, Thredbo’s trails weave their way down the colossal mountain-side fed by plenty of elevation, and in the last few years mountain bikers have witnessed a steady growth of new trails, but more than just more of the same. The variety of grades and styles expanding across the place are enough to overwhelm any rider on their first day.

Watch the DHaRCO crew, Kellie Weinert, Jackson Frew and Dave Ludenia ride Ricochet.


What and Where is Ricochet?

Opening December 26, 2019, Thredbo’s new trail – Ricochet – will provide riders with another trail to ride off the top of the Gunbarrel Chairlift. As the whole bike park expands, the goal is to spread riders across the entire mountain, easing the pressure off the classic Kosciusko Chairlift.

There’s a lot of space for the trail builders to work with, and as this track demonstrates some pretty cool terrain to play with, too.

Kellie Weinert floats through a turn up on Ricochet, with the valley below.
Jackson, Kellie and Dave with all of the descending ahead.

Trail builders getting creative with the alpine terrain, this big boulder had multiple line options around it, over it and off it.
Jackson Frew takes the higher A-line.
Spot the new trail! Hint – it’s in the centre.
Ahhh, Thredbo, your chairlifts are so kind.

Where is it?

To get to the new trail simply jump off the Gunbarrel Chairlift, turn left into Easy Street, and presto. It then follows the fall line of the High Noon ski run staying mostly in the tree sections, witching back and forth to maintain elevation.

Crow’s eye view of the snaking turns on Ricochet.
Dave turns two rollers into a gap.
Some heavily banked turns!
Sneaking around a few tonnes of granite.

Is it black, green, blue, red, white, or a shade of grey?

Ricochet is an intermediate trail, a flow trail. It’s graded as a green trail but has a slightly sinister side with blue line (and darker blue if you notice a few sneaky gaps) options throughout. The trail is generally pretty mellow, with A-line options that may take some courage to tackle.

Elevation Starts at 1791m and has a 350m elevation drop and is designed as an alternative to riding the entire All-Mountain Trail. Ricochet is aimed to give riders a progressive step up from Easy Street, adding more variety to the whole park.

Up high in the crisp mountain air.

The new Merrits Gondola, currently under construction, mountain bikers will use this to access more of the mountain.
So crisp!

So, who’s going to have the chance to ride Thredbo’s new trail this summer?

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