19 Jan 2018

What's under the hood of one of Australia's most successful mountain bikers? We spent the week at home with Troy Brosnan, during his off-season in Adelaide, to learn more about the man beneath the full face, and what it takes to stay on top.

We’ve looked up to Troy Brosnan and his commitment to the craft for many years now. From an irrepressible junior, bouncing around on a bike that seemed far too big for him, he’s grown into one of the sport’s most talented riders. We’re in awe of his incredible precision, that famous light touch, barely seeming to buzz the earth.

When the racing’s done for the year, Troy Brosnan returns home to Adelaide, South Australia. We spent the week with Troy, to get a unique and honest insight into his life during his downtime in the off-season. Though to call it an off-season is a real misnomer – his commitment to training is unbelievable. Whether it be on the road bike, the BMX track or rock climbing, Troy’s approach to each training block is to get as much from it as possible. It all translates – those fractions of a second that might separate him from being first or second on the podium when he gets back on the track.

We also learnt a lot about the man himself. How he values spending as much time as possible with close friends and family too; under the full-face you’ll find a down-to-earth, genuine Aussie bloke. Just one that happens to be extremely fast on a bike.

This is Troy Brosnan: Under the Hood.