Interview: Josh Carlson, Chief Frother at Giant – Part One

Flow caught up with a busted Josh Carlson at the Giant 27.5″ media event in Utah a while back. Josh had only just recovered enough from his injuries to attend the event and even getting back on a stationary road bike for a photo shoot was hard work. Josh, being Josh, is a trooper though and no matter what you ask, he’ll do it with a smile.



Josh is a super positive person, an absolute pinner on a bike, and his story is most definitely not one of an overnight success. Dreams of being a motocross star filled his youth and his love and passion for mountain bikes came a while after the tough choice to give up those dreams.


Years later, through hard work, sacrifice, determination and the support from those close to him, Josh is now living his dreams again.

Check out this first part of our interview with Josh as he tells his story and what lead him to move overseas and have a crack at the Enduro World Series. We also get to learn about his crash and injuries sustained at the Enduro event in France.

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