Fresh Produce | Champions Choice is an Aussie-made tubeless tyre sealant

Price: $34.95 AUD Available From: Lusty Industries

If you’re the sort of rider who likes to shop and support local, then you’ll no doubt be interested in Champions Choice. Founded by Lusty Industries (distributor for Troy Lee Designs, Crank Brothers and Maxima), Champions Choice is a tubeless tyre sealant that’s manufactured right here in Australia. The unique yellow goop was developed in collaboration with an OE manufacturer for automotive tyre sealant, and it’s claimed to offer long-lasting performance even in hot Aussie conditions.

champions choice tubeless tyre tire sealant
Prefer to support local? Champions Choice is an Aussie-made tubeless tyre sealant.

Champions Choice Tubeless Sealant

Designed for mountain, road and gravel use, Champions Choice Tubeless Sealant features an Eco-responsible formula that is non-toxic, non-corrosive and contains no latex. It incorporates suspended microfibre particles, which are claimed to clump together and seal punctures up to 6mm across.

Compared to the likes of Stan’s NoTubes, the Champions Choice sealant is considerably thicker. The low viscosity solution is said to better coat the inside of your tyres and retain a more even spread. Like any tubeless sealant, you do need to give the bottle a thorough shake to redistribute all of those microfibre particles before filling your tyre.

champions choice tubeless tyre tire sealant
You can see the microfibre particles that help the sealant to plug up punctures.
champions choice tubeless tyre tire sealant
The 500ml bottle features a valve core remover and an in-built applicator.

Initially sold in bulk 4lt and 10lt quantities designed for commercial bicycle workshops, Champions Choice tubeless tyre sealant proved to be sufficiently popular for the brand to add a smaller 500ml bottle for home workshop use.

The bottle cap contains a nifty valve core remover tool, and it also hides a straw for squirting sealant directly through your tubeless valve. This means you can top up your tyre’s sealant levels without having to pop the bead, making for a considerably cleaner process.

In addition to being compatible with CO2, Champions Choice claims that its latest ‘Infinite Ride’ formula is rated for use in temperatures up to 50°C. That’s an important consideration for our hot Aussie conditions, where some sealants can dry out in a surprisingly short space of time. Champions Choice says its sealant will last beyond six months, which is a bold claim indeed. We’ve started filling up the tyres on all the test bikes in the Flow workshop, and we look forward to seeing how this bright yellow sealant holds up over the summer season.

champions choice tubeless tyre tire sealant
We’ve been filling up the tyres on a bunch of test bikes with Champions Choice sealant, and will be putting its claims to the test over the summer riding season.

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