Fizik Gravita Versor Shoes Review | Beefy Italian Enduro Kicks with Extra Sticky Rubber

Price: $209.95 AUD Available From: Fizik

Italian brand Fizik has been manufacturing mountain bike shoes for well over a decade, but up until recently the range has been decidedly more focussed on the XC and trail side of the spectrum. That changed with the introduction of the Gravita shoe line, which as you can probably guess, is designed for gravity riding. Think trail, enduro and downhill.

There are two different models in the Gravita range, with the primary difference being the upper. There’s the Gravita Tensor, which uses a mid-top design with laces and a big Velcro strap. There there’s the Gravita Versor that we have here, which skips the Velcro strap and just uses laces. It also features a lower cut that makes it more appropriate for trail riding.

Both Gravita options are offered in flat and clip-in versions. Fizik also offers its mountain bike shoes in both male and female versions, resulting in a broad range to choose from.

fizik gravita versor clip-in shoes canyon neuron
Roz has been using the Fizik Gravita Versor shoes for trail and e-MTB riding.
fizik gravita tensor clip-in shoes
The upper is made from a flexible rip-stop woven fabric that offers a comfortable and low-profile fit.

Fizik Gravita Versor Shoes

Shown here is a pair of Fizik Gravita Versor shoes designed for clip-in pedals. Roz has been riding in these over the past few months, having used them both for everyday trail riding and longer days out on the e-MTB.

Compared to the Fizik Terra Atlas shoes she’s also been using lately, the Gravita Versor is a decidedly beefier shoe. There’s a lot more protection on offer, with a PU-laminated toe cap that extends around the sides and all the way around the inner face of the shoe. Hidden inside is an EVA midsole that provides shock protection when riding through rockier terrain or landing bigger drops.

fizik gravita versor shoes
The extended cleat track allows you to achieve a mid-foot pedal position that offers more stability on the descents.
fizik gravita versor shoes
Shock absorption on rocky trails is excellent thanks to the EVA midsole.


The outer sole features the Vibram XS Trek Evo rubber compound, which is claimed to be the brand’s stickiest option. It offers a much more confidence-inspiring platform if you need to stick your feet on the pedal while unclipped, with the soft rubber grabbing on to any available pins for grip. The textured sole, which features deeper tread lugs at the heel and toe, also provides useful traction when walking off the bike.

We also like that Fizik has built in an extended cleat track on the Gravita Versor shoes. This allows you to slam the cleats back to achieve the new-school mid-foot pedalling position, not unlike a pair of flat pedals. Roz has found this encourages her to drop her heels and really drive her bodyweight through the bike’s bottom bracket.

fizik gravita tensor clip-in shoes
The Vibram rubber sole is sticky and provides plenty of grip for off-the-bike excursions, and important trait for a do-everything trail shoe.

Surprisingly lightweight

Despite their bulky school shoe aesthetic, the Fizik Gravita Versor shoes are actually quite light. Claimed weight is just 355g per shoe, which isn’t that far off a carbon-soled XC race shoe.

Furthermore, the upper is thin and flexible. It’s made from a rip-stop woven fabric that reduces bulk and provides a good bit of breathability. We’ve also found the shoes dry out quickly after getting soaked.

Comfort is excellent, and we love the side-profile laces that avoid concentrating stress points over the top of your feet. We’ve also found the Gravita Versor to fit true to size, with a good amount of wiggle room at the toes. However, riders with very wide feet will likely want to look elsewhere. Otherwise for those of us with average-sized flippers, the Fizik Gravita Versor shoes are highly recommended.

fizik gravita tensor clip-in shoes
The sturdy toe caps, thick rubber soles and TPU armour provide a good amount of protection from rocks and roots on the trail.
fizik gravita tensor clip-in shoes
The offset lace-up design is comfortable, and it helps to keep the crank-side of the shoe thin and snag-free.

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