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Price: $30 AUD Available From: Dirt Surfer Weight: 27g

The humble flexible mudguard is a simple addition to the front of any mountain bike that will keep your fork seals and stanchions protected from constant dust and mud spray and will stop errant mud well before it has the chance to coat your face — for the GoPro shredders out there, they will also lessen the number of shots ruined by mud and water that is flicked onto the lens.

According to Canberra-based Dirt Surfer, their flexible mudguards are made from the world’s first 100% carbon-neutral polypropylene sheet that’s composed of 50% recycled material. Keeping things extra green, the fender and the cardboard backing are also recyclable, and there’s even a cardboard coaster that you can pop out of the display card.

For something so cheap and so simple, flexible mudguards are a valuable addition to any bike.

Weighing in at 27g confirmed, they are flexible and leave plenty of clearance around the tyres for mud and other debris. Because they are connected to the fork arch, they’re also nearly universally compatible with mountain bikes rolling on 29in wheels, all the way down to mini-shredders bikes — according to Dirt Surfer, they’ve even seen them on bikes with wheels as small as 20in.

All of the graphics are done in-house at Dirt Surfer’s HQ, and there is a massive range of designs, ranging from hand-drawn masterpieces to eye-catching patterns and prints.

Dirt Surfer also does custom artwork and has whipped up these simple, yet rad logo mudguards for the Flow team.

The only part of the Dirt Surfer Mungard and its packaging that isn’t recyclable are the zip ties.

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