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Price: Flexair SS Nova Jersey ($74.99 AUD) Flexair Shorts ($149.99 AUD) Available From: Fox Racing AU

It has been absolutely SCORCHING hot at Flow’s Queensland HQ, and thankfully, just before the oppressive heat and humidity set in, we scored some fresh summer kit from Fox.

We’ve had our grubby…err, um, sweaty… hands on the latest Flexair threads from the California based gear brand.

Fresh summer kit from Fox, we’ve been testing the Flexair jersey and shorts in some miserably hot and humid QLD weather.

Flexiar SS Jersey

Flexair is the umbrella under which Fox’s lightest weight gear falls under, and made from Fox’s TruDri perforated fabric, this top is about as air permeable as fabric can get without becoming totally transparent. Fox claims the perforations are body mapped and laser cut, but techy claims aside, the fabric breathes and efficiently wicks moisture off your skin.

It’s soft to the touch, and there is enough stretch built into the fabric to prevent binding and pulling, especially when you’re schvitzing on a sun-exposed climb, and the dew point has crept above 24ºC.

Unfortunately, the ‘Flex’ in Flexair didn’t do much for my T-Rex arms, but Fox has made a well-tailored warm-weather jersey.

With a drop tail, the fit is tailored and flattering, managing to mask the dad bod well. Colour fades are very much in at the moment, and this ‘Nova’ colourway is one of the better versions to our eyes.

There is a split collar design which sees the back a standard double stitched affair with the front seam welded. I can’t say a standard collar has ever caused discomfort before, but this one does sit nice and flat, and there is no seam to potentially irritate.

It’s clear this jersey was built with nothing but airflow in mind, and with that, it’s pretty bare of other features. Don’t expect a sunnies wipe or a zippered pocket, though I can’t say I missed them either.

Also, being so lightweight I was sure this top would vaporise as soon as it touched the ground, but to my pleasant surprise, after a trip over the handlebars it came out mostly unscathed. I say mostly because there is one small hole poked by a stick seemingly sharpened to a hypodermic point, as it also punched a hole in my shoulder.

Whenever I approach writing about a kit, I always subject it to the laundry test. The mark of a high-quality piece of kit is that it ends up in the wash frequently because I’m wearing it a lot, whereas something less refined will naturally migrate towards the bottom of the drawer. This Flexair Nova jersey has been in the wash at least once a week.

The inside of the front of the collar has been seam welded rather than stitched.

Flexair Shorts

I’ve also been riding in a pair of the latest Flexair shorts. Made from four-way stretch TruDri fabric, they move with you even when you’re extra sweaty from all the trail side popping and locking. There are also laser-cut vents on the inner quad, though I’ve never found these to do a whole lot — they also probably don’t hurt either.

The waist is wrangled by Fox’s Race-ratchet. While this allows each size of shorts to accommodate a range of hips, I’ve never been a big fan, as the fly always goes wonky. A double popper and a zipper fly is the way to go.

It seems that Fox has changed the cut of the Flexair shorts, as they’re a bit shorter and tailored a bit tighter than I remember. With a ~260mm/10in inseam, they come in right above my knee and do ride up a bit when you sit on the bike.

There’s two zippered pockets which are plenty large enough for a modern smartphone and keys or snacks, however it does place whatever you’ve got in there on top of your thigh.

The branding is minimal, and I appreciate the grey logos, which keep the look understated. Priced at $149.99 AUD, they are not cheap, but having already crash tested them, they’re hole and popped seam-free so far. These aren’t the type of shorts you’ll be throwing out after one season.

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