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Price: $241.50 Available From: SCV Imports Weight: 137g without spacers

The number of bottom-bracket standards in the market is ever-expanding, with each new iteration touting its own perks and benefits. Even still, some standards are more known for making noise than others, and the bearings in others last about as long as cardboard in a rainstorm. We’ve just had a bottom bracket arrive at the Flow workshop that is often a solution to notoriously creaky BB standards (I’m looking at you BB30).

Based in Colorado, Wheels Manufacturing has been in the industry for almost 35 years specialising in hangers, bottom brackets, and small parts. When our new Open U.P. frame arrived, in search of longevity and durability, Jono opted for its threaded 386 EVO bottom bracket to accompany a GRX crankset.

Because the two cups of the bottom bracket are threaded together in the middle, the chance of creaks and groans is dramatically reduced.

Installation is relatively straightforward; first press in the non-driveside cup with a BB press, and then thread the driveside side in — you’ll need a 48.5mm, 16-notch BB tool. If the manufacturing tolerances on your bikes BB shell are particularly sloppy (i.e. it creaks worse than the stairs at your nan’s house) you may need a tool for both sides to prevent it from spinning. We also picked up the Wheels MFG BB spanner, which did the job nicely — plus it’s red anodized for some extra bling factor. As the spanner only contacts a very shallow surface area on the bottom bracket, caution should be taken to make sure it’s properly mounted before applying any torque.

Once the bottom bracket is in place, pop the dust seals on and in go the cranks, simple! We’ve put about 250km into the bottom bracket so far, and it remains whisper quiet.

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