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Wolf Tooth’s B-RAD (Bottle Relocation and Accessory Device) is a unique system for those looking to increase the carrying capacity of their bike for big adventures.

Comprised of three modular components, each provides for a multitude of solutions to keep gear out of your pockets and off your back.

It all starts with the base, which converts bottle bosses into rails with additional mounting points. There’s also the Everywhere Base, which, can mount, well….everywhere.

Then there are the mounts and adaptors, which interface with accessories like bottle cages, bags and straps. Each comes with mounting bolts, washers and foam padding so gear can be secured rattle free without the risk of damaging your frame.

Fully loaded with only three base plates.

B-RAD Bases

B-RAD mounting bases bolt into your existing bottle bosses to offer two, three, or four mounting mount points. These are made from machined aircraft-grade aluminium, and all the mounting hardware is T25. The bases either utilise a rail system for the mounts and accessories to interface with or, in the case of the Everywhere Base, are essentially a set of bosses that can be strapped wherever they are needed on the frame.

The ‘Everywhere Base’ comes in two and three-bolt options, and mount via two hook-and-loop straps with silicone grippers, and EVA foam pads to ensure no movement. The straps are long enough so you can install a base on the underside of your downtube.

B-Rad mounts, adaptors and accessories

The adaptors vary in size, and come with their intended accessory, which range from roll-top bags, to two sizes of super grippy cargo straps, and a Pump Bag. Wolf Tooth has also come up with solutions like the Dogbone, which repositions your bottle cage to create extra real estate inside tight frames where shocks or linkages may bogart all the space.

Need to shift your bottle cage up or down to clear a shock or something else which takes up space inside the front triangle. There’s a mount for that.
All the tools and the zipper is not even on the verge of popping.

The B-RAD Pump Bag is waterproof, durable, stylish, and cavernous – designed to carry a 30cm pump, it can also serve as a carry-all for all your tools.

Multiple mounting options include two long silicone-backed hook-and-loop straps to mount absolutely anywhere with clearance, grommets to be mounted directly to bidon mounts or a B-RAD base of your choice.

The possibilities of what you can do using the B-RAD system and how it can be customised to suit your bike, and what you’re trying to carry are nearly endless. And to prevent you from having to spend a whole bunch of money on mounts and accessories that may not be the right fit, Wolf Tooth offers a printable 1:1 template on their website if you want to get started planning your next bikepacking adventure.

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