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Price: $139.95 Available From: BikeChain Weight: 138g

Taking its name from the German for “come with me”, the Kommit Bike Towing System presents a practical solution for riders looking to prolong two-wheeled adventures with their grommets. As little legs naturally fatigue faster than the adult version, the Kommit steps in as a trusty ally to keep the journey rolling. However, it doesn’t just have to be used for kids…


Kommit Bke Towing System
“Pleaseee can we ride that trail again, it was sooo fun?”

The tow rope is conveniently tucked away under the saddle and offers straightforward mounting at both ends. The housing is designed for dropper posts and uses webbing to attach to the saddle rails.

Weighing just 138 grams, the Kommit Bike Towing System boasts impressive strength with its braided non-stretch line, which is said to support up to 120kg of tensile load — meaning the pulling force, not the weight of what’s being pulled. This means the towing capacity isn’t just limited to kids, and you can also drag your riding buddies if they have a mechanical or are feeling a bit lazy.

Featuring a self-retracting cable system and a reflective logo for a tiny bit of added visibility, attaching your trailer is as simple as looping the rubberised lasso over the passenger’s stem bolts, and you’re off. There is a sizable pull tab on the lasso to prevent pinched fingers and allow your passenger to hit the eject button when the climb has finished.

With 2m of cable stored in the housing, there is enough room between the tower and tow-ee, but it’s not a tonne of breathing room. Given the line is not dynamic, also be mindful when taking off not to give your passenger whiplash.

Kommit Bike Towing System
Kommit includes a carabiner to help with tricky mounting situations.

Kommit Bike Towing System Kommit Bike Towing System Kommit Bike Towing System
Kommit Bike Towing System Kommit Bike Towing System Kommit Bike Towing System

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