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Price: $389 AUD Available From: Bike Corp

New for 2023, the Leatt MTB Enduro 3.0 helmet is designed as a versatile lid for trail riding and enduro racing. It features a convertible three-in-one design that allows it to morph from a lightweight open-face trail helmet, into a half-shell with ear guards, and then into a proper full-face with a chin bar.

Convertible helmets are of course nothing new, but their execution varies a lot from brand to brand. Here we’ll take a closer look at Leatt’s new lid and how it compares to the competition.

leatt mtb enduro 3.0 helmet
Jack’s been ripping around on his local trails with the new Leatt Enduro 3.0 helmet.
leatt enduro 3.0 helmet
The Leatt Enduro 3.0 is a three-in-one convertible helmet.

Leatt MTB Enduro 3.0 Helmet

Priced at $389 AUD, the Leatt Enduro 3.0 Helmet is a compelling option given it’s being pitched as three helmets in one.

It starts out as a lightweight open-face trail helmet that’s claimed to weigh just 360g. On each side of the helmet’s shell you’ll find a round port that allows you to clip in either a full chin bar or two separate ear pieces, both of which are included in the box.

To convert it between its various configurations Leatt employs a simple push-button system. No tools are required, and there are no awkward buckles like we’ve seen with previous convertible helmets from Leatt. The two buttons make it a simple and quick process, and that means you’re more likely to make use of its shape-shifting abilities.

leatt mtb enduro 3.0 helmet full face
With the chin bar locked on, the Leatt Enduro 3.0 feels like a proper full-face helmet.

Unlike some other convertible helmets we’ve used in the past, the Leatt Enduro 3.0 feels like a proper full-face with the chin bar attached. The padding is generous, and there’s enough wrap from the cheek pads to keep the helmet secure on your head.

It doesn’t drop down as deeply at the rear compared to a more traditional full-face lid, but there’s still plenty of coverage. And the flip side is that it offers considerably better ventilation, while also being quite light at just 700g in its full-face form. That’s lighter than a Fox Proframe RS (821g), though a touch heavier than a Specialized Gambit (675g). The key difference being that those two helmets aren’t convertible.

leatt enduro 3.0 helmet
Two earpieces are included in the box, allowing you to turn the Leatt Enduro 3.0 into a half-shell helmet with extra protection and a really stable fit.
leatt enduro 3.0 helmet
Ready for magpie swooping season!

Magpie protection

Don’t want to wear the chin bar on a trail ride but still looking for a bit more protection? Worried about aggressive magpies drawing first blood this spring? Use the two clip-in earpieces and turn the Leatt Enduro 3.0 into a half-shell helmet that wraps around your ears. The fit is similarly secure, with the base of the earpieces wrapping around the top of your jaw.

Outside of its clever shape-shifting abilities, the Leatt Enduro 3.0 features a large adjustable visor with a breakaway function built-in. It’s goggle compatible, and there’s a docking port at the rear for stowing your sunglasses when not needed. You also get washable padding, a micro adjuster wheel at the rear for dialling in the harness tension, and a Fidlock magnetic buckle.

leatt mtb enduro 3.0 helmet full face
The 360° Turbine technology allows the helmet to absorb impact energy while reducing rotational acceleration on your brain.

Turbine Tech

Inside the Leatt MTB Enduro 3.0 Helmet you’ll find a series of blue rubber discs. These are what the South African brand refers to as its 360° Technology, and it’s a clever alternative to MIPS.

The squishy material allows the turbines to absorb impact energy while also allowing the helmet shell to move around over your head in the event you hit the ground at an angle. According to Leatt, its 360° Technology reduces peak brain acceleration “by up to 30% at impact speeds associated with concussion”. We obviously can’t verify those claims, but you can check out Leatt’s white paper on the topic for a deeper dive into the tech.

leatt enduro 3.0 helmet
A simple dial at the rear tightens up the harness around your skull.

Otherwise the Leatt MTB Enduro 3.0 Helmet features a thick EPS foam core that’s wrapped with a full coverage polycarbonate shell for durability. It comes in three sizes and a variety of colours.

So far we’ve found it to be comfortable and stable in each of its three configurations, with a decently snug fit that still offers good ventilation.

As to who it’s for? If you need a full face helmet for the occasional uplift day and the odd enduro race, but don’t necessarily want to own two separate helmets, the Leatt MTB Enduro 3.0 is an excellent choice. Given the reasonable asking price, decent weight and ventilation, it’s a solid option for trail riders looking for more protection without having to go for a dedicated full-face helmet.

leatt mtb enduro 3.0 helmet full face
For a ride-anything-with-two-wheels ripper like Jack, the convertible Leatt Enduro 3.0 helmet has been a welcome addition to his riding kit.

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