First Look | Magicshine Ray 2600 & Ray 1600 Lights

Price: Magicshine Ray 1600: $140, Magicshine Ray 2600: $240 Available From: Magicshine Weight: Magicshine Ray 1600: 186g, Magicshine Ray 2600: 208g,

Winter is fast approaching, and we’re dreading the cold and dark. Fortunately, we can fix the latter with the Magicshine lights that have arrived at Flow HQ.

With nighttime shreds looming, these lights from Magicshine boast big lumens without a blinding price tag, and we’re eager to put them to the test this winter.

We’ve got our hands on the Ray 2600 and Ray 1600 models, with the numbers representing the lumens that these lights are capable of emitting. Both lights feature a rechargeable battery using a USB-C fast charging port, with a claimed 2-3 hour charging time. The Ray 2600 is claimed to last 1.6 hours at full bore, while the Ray 1600 jumps to 1.7 hours at max brightness.

These lights feature a pair of high-efficiency LED’s that feature different beam shapes to light your way. One throws out a broad arc showing what’s just in front of your front wheel, while the other is more of a spotlight to illuminate further down the trail.

The MagicShine lights come in a sleek, self-contained package.

Both lights feature an alloy housing that seems robust, although we haven’t tested this with any major impacts yet. Each comes with IPX6 ingress protection rating, meaning they will happily survive rain storms and post-ride spray downs, just don’t take them swimming.

The 2600 model light also features a smart mode that changes between the 50-lumen dual-beam mode and full noise, based on the ambient light around it. It also enables a vibration sensor that turns the light off after 3 minutes of inactivity but will fire back up once you start moving.

During our testing so far we’ve utilised both the helmet mount and the CNC alloy handlebar mount, giving you a range of mounting options depending on your preferences. These lights are also compatible with handlebar-mounted remotes that plug into the light’s USB-C port and sit next to your handlebar grip.

Speaking of the handlebar mount, it utilises a Garmin quarter-turn interface allowing it to serve double duty when the light is not in use, and has a GoPro link on the bottom, so you won’t miss the shot. It’s also just a genuinely well-made piece of kit and provides a significantly more robust platform than the plastic mount supplied with each light.

The helmet mount is quick and easy to set up with a couple of velcro straps holding it securely in place.

These suckers do heat up when running at full power. The airflow from riding does help to cool the alloy case, but be mindful when reaching up to grab one with an ungloved hand — especially if you have been sitting stationary.

For the price, the Magicshine lights pack a punch, and we’ll definitely be putting them through their paces this winter.

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