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Well known in the moto and automotive world, Maxima Racing Oils has a whole range of products that are equally well suited to using on bicycles. In fact, the Californian brand has also developed chain lubricants, grease, suspension oils, disc brake fluid, bike wash, degreaser and even tubeless sealant that are designed specifically for modern mountain bikes and e-MTBs. With plenty of bikes currently in the Flow test fleet, we got our hands on a bunch of a Maxima gear to try out.

maxima biowash
In addition to its automotive line, Californian brand Maxima has a range of products designed to keep your mountain bike in tip-top condition.
maxima degreaser cleaner sc1 polish
The Maxima Degreaser is formulated specifically for bicycle drivetrains.

Maxima Bike Drivetrain Degreaser

First up in the bike-specific category, we’ve got the Maxima Degreaser. Designed for use on bicycle drivetrains, this yellow liquid degreaser comes in a 473ml bottle with a handy spray nozzle included. Maxima states that the solution is 100% biodegradable, which is nice to know, and it contains no harmful CFCs, acids or solvents while also being safe on rubber o-rings and metal surfaces.

Simply spray onto your chain and cassette, give a good scrub with a brush, then give it all a light hose-down to remove gunked-up grease and muck. It works well as a dedicated degreaser, though you can also dilute with water in a 10:1 ratio to use as an all-purpose bike wash. Nice!

maxima degreaser cleaner sc1 polish
See ya later dirty drivetrain muck!
maxima biowash bike cleaner
Maxima Bio Wash is a powerful bike cleaner that’s still safe to use on delicate surfaces including rubber and carbon fibre.

Maxima Bio Wash

After scrubbing your drivetrain clean, it’s time to give the whole bike the spa treatment it’s been waiting for. Give it all a light hose down, whip out a bottle of Maxima Bio Wash and get sprayin’.

This stuff is 100% biodegradable and is designed to help break down dirt and grime to get your bike as clean as a whistle. While it’s very good at its job, Maxima still claims that Bio Wash is safe to use on delicate surfaces including plastic, chrome, rubber and carbon fibre.

The included spray trigger has two different settings, and we prefer the foamier option for getting loads of suds all over the frame and wheels. Use a soft-bristled brush to agitate any particularly stubborn filth, then give it a light hose down to reveal a sparkling clean bike. Nice!

maxima degreaser cleaner sc1 polish
If you’ve got a bike with a matte paint finish, this stuff is the ticket for keeping it clean without leaving a glossy residue behind.

Maxima Matte Finish Bike Cleaner

This one is a new product to us here at Flow. It’s the Maxima Matte Finish Cleaner, which as you’ll have likely guessed, is formulated specifically for bikes that have a matte paint finish. Normally matte paint jobs can be a right old pain to keep clean, especially in lighter colours that tend to dull over time as they absorb dirt and grease. This stuff is purpose-made for such a task, and is designed to keep your bike clean while leaving a protective gloss-free coating that will make sure your frame stays cleaner for longer. As with the drivetrain degreaser, the Matte Finish Cleaner is 100% biodegradable and comes in a nifty spray bottle.

maxima degreaser cleaner sc1 polish
Maxima SC1 is brilliant for getting a nice shine on your frame and components. It also creates a protective barrier to keep them cleaner for longer.

Maxima SC1 Bike Polish

But what if your mountain bike has a glossy paint job instead? In that case, you’ll be wanting to get your hands on the SC1 Bike Polish, which Maxima affectionately nicknames as “New Bike in a Bottle”.

Developed specifically for the paintwork on modern bicycles, the Maxima SC1 Bike Polish is an after-wash treatment that’s designed to provide a clean and protective layer for frames and components that feature a glossy finish. Spray a light coating of this stuff on, then buff it out to get a ludicrously shiny finish. Not only does it get your bike looking brand new again, the layer it builds up helps to shed dirt and mud so it stays looking clean for longer.

maxima sc1
Maxima SC1 is known as “New Bike in a Can” for a reason!

Maxima SC1 Clear Coat Spray

For those who prefer an aerosol version, you’ll want to check out the Maxima SC1 Clear Coat Spray, otherwise known as “New Bike in a Can”. It’s a similar solution and is designed as an after-wash treatment to get your frame looking clean and shiny, though it can also be used as a protective layer on drivetrain components. You’ll obviously want to avoid spraying this near your disc brakes (ideally cover or even remove the rotors and pads if you’re able to), but otherwise it’s great for cleaning up your cranks, cassette and derailleur. And for riders facing a muddy weekend of bike racing, a protective layer of this stuff is ideal for helping to reduce mud build-up.

maxima biowash
A freshly cleaned bike – what a treat!

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