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Price: $87 AUD Available From: OneUP

Flat pedals that fit your feet — or more importantly, your shoes — are vital to keeping your trotters attached to them and the pins far away from your shins. Ideally, you’re looking for a platform that supports your foot and shoe without extending too far beyond the edge, as this can lead to strikes and getting hung up on grabby trail obstacles.

OneUp already has aluminium and composite flat pedals in its range with broad platforms. However, they’re overkill for those with small hoofers or groms with growing piggliy wigglies. Which is why OneUp has added the Small Composite Pedals to its range.

Measuring 97.5mm x 92mm compared to the Composite Pedal, which is 115mm x 105mm, the Canadian outfit says they’re best suited to riders with a shoe size up to 6.5 US (M), 8 US (W), 6 US (Kids), and 38 EU.

Available in a range of colours, the pedal body has a convex profile to match the natural arch of your foot and is 18mm thick.

They come with 14 pins installed (seven per side, per pedal), but OneUp has opted to add its Friendly Pins. These larger-diameter threaded nuts are installed on top of the standard pins and are much kinder to skin when the inevitable shinner happens.

After some fiddling, Bob found removing the centre-friendly pins, two in the front and one in the back, gave him the grip he was searching for.

Flow’s Grom-testers found they offered a moderate level of grip in the stock arrangement in the dry. When things got a bit wet, the Friendly Pins didn’t provide quite enough purchase, with Grom-Reviewer-in-Chief Bob noting his original plastic pedals — with plastic studs— offered more adhesion when things go a bit spicy.

The great thing about the Friendly Pins is that they are installed on top of the standard pins, so if you need more purchase, the Friendly Pins can be replaced with the included short nuts.

This drastically increased the amount of grip available from the pedal and can be tailored based on skill and confidence. Of course, these pedals aren’t just designed for kids, they are an option for small humans with proportionally small feet.

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