The 2020 Norco Sight Youth is a $3,599 full suspension bike for kids who do bigger jumps than us!

Kids mountain bikes aren’t a new thing. But full suspension kids bikes that are designed to be jumped, hucked and raced down black diamond enduro trails? That’s a much newer market, albeit one that is currently growing faster than your average teenager right now. Norco Bicycles has been in the kids mountain bike game for a few years now, but the Candian brand is stepping things up big-time with the release of this new bike; the 2020 Norco Sight Youth.

2020 norco sight youth 27.5
Upon first glance, it’s kinda hard to tell that this new Norco Sight is the ‘Youth’ version – it looks identical to the adult Sight!

Honey, I Shrunk The Norco Sight!

You might have already heard the news that Norco has released its new generation Sight platform. If not, then make sure you check out our detailed story on the 2020 Norco Sight here, because that bike is 100% new from front to back.

Alongside the ‘adult’ Sight, Norco is also releasing a mini-me version under the ‘Youth’ label. It comes in one frame size only that’s designed to fit riders between 4’9″ (144cm) and 5’2″ (157cm). Think young groms around the age of 10-14, or perhaps even shorter adults who might struggle to fit a standard Small size.

2020 norco sight youth kids mountain bike
Norco hasn’t buggered around with the Sight Youth – this red beast comes with a 63.5° head angle, a 150mm travel RockShox Pike fork, and 2.3in Maxxis Minion tyres.

The frame and suspension design shares a striking resemblance to the adult Sight, with a 150mm travel fork on the front and 140mm travel out back. And even though it’s ‘only’ a kids bike, the Sight Youth still gets an uber-slack 63.5° head angle and a steep 76.7° seat angle, for exactly the same reasons as the grown-up version. How rad is that!

Wheel size is 27.5in, and Norco has spec’d slightly narrower rims and 2.3in tyres as standard. The frame will take up to a 2.6in wide tyre though. Other grom-friendly features include shorter 165mm crank arms, air-adjustable suspension, and a lighter damper tune for the rear shock. There’s even a ‘light action’ dropper post that’s easier for the wee cherubs to compress. How twee!

2020 norco sight youth kids mountain bike
The rear shock gets a lighter damper tune, and the dropper post is specifically built for lightweight riders.

2020 Norco Sight A3

2020 norco sight youth kids mountain bike
Damn talented kids.
2020 norco sight youth kids mountain bike
2020 norco sight youth kids mountain bike
Boy would we have loved to have had a bike like this at that age!

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