The 2022 Canyon Spectral range grows with brand new alloy models, a mullet bike & high-end CFR option

Building on the success of the new Canyon Spectral 29 that was launched last year, Canyon is expanding the Spectral lineup for 2022 with the introduction of new alloy bikes and a high-end CFR model. Covering a huge range of price points, the new Spectrals will be available in both 27.5in and 29in wheelsize options, and there’s even a mullet-specific bike with a coil shock. How very on-trend! We’ve actually been testing out the mullet bike prior to the official launch, so if you’re keen to know what it’s like to ride, check out the Canyon Spectral CF 8 CLLCTV review. In this article we’ll be taking a broader look at all of the details, specs and prices of the entire 2022 Spectral lineup.

2022 canyon spectral
The Canyon Spectral range has expanded, with eight different models available for 2022.

Canyon Spectral overview

Sitting in between the Neuron (trail) and the Strive (enduro race), the Canyon Spectral is the German brand’s aggressive, long-travel trail bike.

The Spectral features a 160mm travel fork, with 150mm of rear wheel, travel delivered by a progressive four-bar suspension design. The shock mounts high up on the downtube, which affords clearance underneath for a 600ml bottle.

For 2022, Canyon will be offering the Spectral in both 29in and 27.5in versions. Suspension travel is identical between the two platforms, and geometry is very similar.

Across the Spectral lineup there are now three different frame options; AL (alloy), CF (carbon) and CFR (high-end carbon).

2022 canyon spectral al 5
The Canyon Spectral AL 5 & 6 utilise a brand new alloy frame that encompasses many of the same features and geometry as the carbon models.

Canyon Spectral AL

The Canyon Spectral AL frame is brand new, and helps lower the price of entry over the higher-end carbon models. You’ll find this frame on the Spectral 5, Spectral 6 and Young Hero models.

The overall shape is very similar, albeit with hydroformed and welded alloy tubes taking the place of carbon fibre.

There are some changes to help reduce manufacturing complexity and overall costs, with the Spectral AL skipping the adjustable geometry found in the carbon model. You won’t find guided internal cable routing either, just foam tubes inside the frame to help minimise cable rattle.

Canyon claims the Spectral AL frame weighs 3kg without the shock.

2022 canyon spectral cf 8
The Canyon Spectral CF frame carries on unchanged from last year, though you can now get a 27.5in version too.

Canyon Spectral CF

The Canyon Spectral CF frame is unchanged from the bike we tested last year. You’ll find this frame on the Spectral CF 7, Spectral CF 8 and Spectral CF LTD Mullet models.

The same features carry over, including the adjustable flip-chip in the lower shock mount. This gives you High & Low settings to tweak the angles by half a degree, and change the BB height by 8mm. You’ll also find guided internal cable routing, replaceable inserts for the pivot hardware, and double-sealed bearings for the key pivot points.

Claimed frame weight is 2.6kg for the CF frame without the shock.

2022 canyon spectral cfr
Brand new for 2022, the Canyon Spectral CFR makes use of high-end carbon fibre to reduce frame weight, and it’s paired to a very drool-worthy build kit including a new one-piece carbon cockpit.

Canyon Spectral CFR

The Canyon Spectral CFR is brand new for 2022, and this frame is only used on the very top-end model.

It looks exactly the same as the Spectral CF models, and that’s because the moulds are identical. The difference is in the materials used, with a higher grade of carbon fibre helping to reduce weight by another 300g, while purportedly maintaining the same stiffness and strength values.

Claimed weight is 2.3kg for the CFR frame without the shock.

2022 canyon spectral young hero
There’s also a brand new Canyon Spectral Young Hero, which is designed for kids who want a shreddy full suspension mountain bike.

27.5in or 29in wheels?

Just when you thought it was gone, the wheelsize debate is back! This is an interesting move for Canyon, given brands like Trek and Specialized have largely moved away from offering their bikes in different wheelsizes. Even Giant has been steadily moving away from 27.5in wheels.

That’s certainly not the case with the new Canyon Spectral range, with most models and frame sizes available with your choice of 27.5in or 29in wheels. The frames are unique too — the Spectral 27.5 gets a specific mainframe and swingarm, which features 5mm shorter chainstays. Only the rocker link is shared between the two frames.

There are some exceptions though. The 27.5in bikes will only be available in sizes from Extra Small to Large, and the 29in bikes will only come in Small through to Extra Large. Unless you’re really short or tall, you’ll be able to choose your wheelsize.

It’s worth noting that the Spectral CFR will only be offered with 29in wheels. And the Young Hero model, which is designed for groms, is built specifically around 27.5in wheels.

2022 canyon spectral cf 8 cllctv
The Canyon Spectral CF 8 CLLCTV is a purpose-built mullet bike with a dedicated 27.5in rear end, a coil shock and more aggressive rubber.

The Mullet bike

There’s also a single model, the Canyon Spectral CF 8 CLLCTV, which features a mixed wheelsize setup with a 29in front wheel and a 27.5in rear wheel.

According to Canyon, this bike actually pairs a 29in mainframe with a 27.5in swingarm. That’s made possible due to the modular nature of the suspension linkage, allowing the rear end to be easily swapped from frame-to-frame. Don’t get too excited though – Canyon won’t be selling different rear ends aftermarket.

As you’ll see from the specs below, the mullet bike comes with a rowdier build kit that includes a coil shock, DT Swiss EX 511 rims and a Maxxis Assegai front tyre.

2022 canyon spectral geometry
2022 Canyon Spectral geometry.

Canyon Spectral price & specs

There are eight different spec options within the 2022 Canyon Spectral lineup across the three different frames.

Pricing starts at $2,799 AUD for the Spectral Young Hero, and goes up to $9,099 AUD for the Spectral CFR. As with all Canyon mountain bikes, you’ll need to add the necessary shipping cost ($199) and the cardboard bike box ($29.90) onto those prices.

Read on for all the specs and prices below, and be sure to check out our review of the Canyon Spectral CF 8 CLLCTV.

The top-end Spectral CFR gets the lighter frame, Fox Factory suspension, DT Swiss XMC 1200 carbon wheels, and Shimano XTR components.

2022 Canyon Spectral CFR

2022 canyon spectral cf 9 27.5 29
For $1,500 less, the Spectral CF 9 features the standard carbon frame, but still comes with RockShox Ultimate suspension and wireless SRAM GX AXS shifting.

2022 Canyon Spectral CF 9

2022 canyon spectral cf 8 27.5 29
The Spectral CF 8 is very similar to the bike we tested last year, albeit with the new Fox Float X shock in place of the DPX2.

2022 Canyon Spectral CF 8

2022 canyon spectral cf 8 cllctv mullet coil
Like your riding extra rowdy? The Spectral CF 8 CLLCTV pairs a mullet wheel setup with a burlier build kit, which includes a coil shock, DT Swiss EX 511 rims and a Maxxis Assegai up front.

2022 Canyon Spectral CF 8 CLLCTV

2022 canyon spectral cf 7 27.5 29
The cheapest carbon model, the Spectral CF 7 is equipped with Fox suspension, DT Swiss alloy wheels and a Shimano SLX groupset.

2022 Canyon Spectral CF 7

2022 canyon spectral al 6 27.5 29
Brand new for 2022, the Spectral AL 6 is the top-spec alloy bike. You get a RockShox Lyrik fork, Super Deluxe shock, a SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain and Code brakes for less than $5K.

2022 Canyon Spectral AL 6

2022 canyon spectral al 5 27.5 29
The Spectral AL 5 is the entry-level bike, featuring a Fox 36 Rhythm fork, Float X shock and a Shimano Deore groupset to create a belting package for the money.

2022 Canyon Spectral AL 5

2022 canyon spectral young hero kids bike
Got a budding mountain biker in the family? The Spectral Young Hero is purpose-built around 27.5in wheels with maximum standover clearance for shorter riders.

2022 Canyon Spectral Young Hero

2022 canyon spectral cf 8 mullet cllctv
What’s the mullet bike like to ride? Check out our the Canyon Spectral CF 8 CLLCTV review to find out!

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