2022 Canyon Torque | All-new frame with 27.5in, 29in & Mullet wheelsize options

It was at the Maydena Bike Park back in 2018 when we first tested the Canyon Torque – a stupendously capable monster that left us questioning how anyone aside from a sponsored racer could ever truly justify the need for a full-blown downhill bike. Looking to keep that reputation while stepping up its versatility, the Torque has been completely overhauled for 2022 with a brand new frame, updated suspension kinematics and a gamut of clever features brought over from the latest Spectral. That’s not all of it though, as the new bike will also be available in three different wheelsize options. Along with carbon and alloy frames, adjustable geometry, coil and air shocks, and the ability to fit a dual crown fork, there’s a staggering array of choice amongst the 2022 Torque lineup.

2022 canyon torque
The Canyon Torque is born to thrive on gravity-fuelled bikepark trails.
2022 canyon torque
All-new for 2022, the Canyon Torque now comes in 27.5in and 29in wheelsize options, as well as a dedicated mullet bike that features a coil rear shock.

Canyon Torque overview

The Canyon Torque is the German brand’s biggest travel option aside from the Sender downhill bike. Featuring 170-180mm of travel, the Torque is designed for freeride and bikepark use, and is built to thrive in lift-assisted environments like Maydena, Thredbo and Queenstown.

That being said, Canyon has updated the frame design to improve the Torque’s all-round performance, drawing on the shorter travel Spectral for inspiration. The new frame features a radically steeper seat tube angle of 78°, and the kinematics have been tuned to deliver a higher level of anti-squat around the sag point for improved pedalling performance.

Changes to the linkage and frame layout have delivered more space, with room for a 600ml bottle underneath the shock – providing you use Canyon’s own Sideloader cage and bottle. There are now mounts underneath the top tube for fitting on an accessory mount, and the carbon frames also incorporate a flip chip with Hi/Lo geometry settings.

2022 canyon torque
The suspension design mirrors the updates applied to the latest Spectral, and there’s now room for a bottle and bolt-on accessories inside the mainframe.


Whereas the previous Canyon Torque was only offered with 27.5in wheels, the new model follows in the footsteps of the latest Spectral with 27.5in, 29in and mullet wheelsize options.

The frame is different between each platform, so a 27.5in Torque gets its own unique mainframe and swingarm. However, a modular approach to the suspension linkage and pivot layout means that a 27.5in back end can be fitted to a 29in mainframe, which is exactly what Canyon does with the mullet bikes.

Most Torque models will be available with your choice of 27.5in or 29in wheels, but only for the Medium and Large frame sizes. If you’re a Small size rider you can only get 27.5in wheels, while XL riders will only get the 29in option.

Fancy a mullet? There are two complete bikes available with the 29in front end and 27.5in rear end – that’s the Torque CF 8 and the Torque CF Fabio Wibmer.

2022 canyon torque
Canyon will be offering the Torque in both alloy and carbon variants to cover a wide range of price points.

Updated geometry

The Canyon Torque receives the expected updates to its geometry. As mentioned earlier, the seat tube angle is much steeper – around 4° over the old bike. The head angle slackens out to 63.5°, and the reach measurement has also increased. On a Medium frame, that jumps from 440mm to 465mm.

For such a big travel bike, the Torque retains quite short chainstays though. They’re listed at 441mm on the 29in frame, and just 435mm on the 27.5in bike.

Also new for the carbon frame is a geometry flip chip. Bikes will come from the factory set in Lo, though riders can lift the BB by 8mm and sharpen the angles by 0.5° when flipping that chip into the Hi position. The alloy frame reduces costs by skipping the adjustment altogether, instead combining the slacker head angle of the Lo position, and the steeper seat tube angle of the Hi position.

2022 canyon torque
The carbon frames get a two-position flip chip for tweaking the geometry.

Carbon & alloy frames

Coming in both alloy and carbon variants, the new Canyon Torque is said to be lighter than its predecessor by around 200g. This is despite the new frame being considerably longer and slacker, while also being tested to the same Category 5 standard that Canyon uses for the Sender downhill bike. The result is a frame that is rated for use with a dual-crown fork, should you want to go full Beyonduro™.

Other durability-boasting updates include the change from bushings to sealed cartridge bearings for all suspension pivot points. The pivot hardware is now replaceable, even on the alloy frame which gets steel threaded inserts for maximum toughness.

Liberal frame protection is used for the downtube and along the drive-side chainstay and seatstay, while the carbon frames feature guided internal cable routing to minimise rattle. The alloy frames skip the guided tubing, instead using standard foam insulation tubes inside the frame.

You’ll also find a threaded BB, an integrated top guide, and a replaceable ISCG adapter. You’ll have to buy that adapter separately though if you wish to fit a full coverage chain guide.

Canyon Torque price & specs

There are six models in the 2022 Canyon Torque lineup, and we’re told that stock will be available at the time of launch.

Prices start at $4,199 AUD for the Torque AL 5, and go up to $8,799 AUD for the Torque CF 9.

Most models are equipped with a Fox 38 or RockShox ZEB fork, except for the Fabio Wibmer signature edition that comes with Öhlins front-to-back, along with Magura brakes and an SQLab cockpit.

2022 canyon torque cf 9
The top-end Canyon Torque CF 9 features Fox Factory Series suspension, a Shimano XTR drivetrain and custom-built DT Swiss wheels.

2022 Canyon Torque CF 9

2022 canyon torque fabio wibmer
For Fabio fans, this special edition bike features a mullet setup, Öhlins suspension, Magura brakes and an SQLab cockpit.

2022 Canyon Torque CF Fabio Wibmer

2022 canyon torque cf 8
The Torque CF 8 also features a mullet wheelsize setup, and it pairs a Fox DHX2 coil shock to a 38 fork up front.

2022 Canyon Torque CF 8

2022 canyon torque cf 7
Selling for less than $6K, the Torque CF 7 is the cheapest carbon model though it still features a RockShox ZEB fork, Super Deluxe shock and SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain.

2022 Canyon Torque CF 7

2022 canyon torque 6 al
The Canyon Torque 6 receives a new alloy frame for 2022, along with a Fox 38 fork and Float X2 shock, Shimano SLX groupset and DT Swiss wheels.

2022 Canyon Torque 6

2022 canyon torque 5 al
The cheapest (and most colourful!) option in the lineup is the Torque 5. It shares many of the same features as the top-end models, albeit with a Shimano Deore groupset, a RockShox ZEB fork and Super Deluxe shock.

2022 Canyon Torque 5

2022 canyon torque
When you finally find a bike to match your riding kit.
2022 canyon torque
Freeride frothing on the 2022 Canyon Torque.

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