2023 Focus JAM² & SAM² First Look | Focus introduces 3 new e-MTBs for 2023

We’ve got big news out of Germany today with the arrival of the new 2023 Focus JAM² and SAM². Both of these electric mountain bikes have received an all-new frame and suspension design, which features updated geometry with a clever angle-adjusting headset. There’s also a wholesale move to the latest Bosch e-MTB systems, with the top-end models receiving a bigger 750Wh battery and a neatly-integrated user interface. Along with the option of alloy and carbon frames across a wide range of price points, there is a lot going on with these new full suspension e-MTBs. Let’s dive in to see what’s new!

2023 focus jam2 sam2 electric emtb bosch
The Focus JAM² & SAM² will be offered in a huge range of models to cover different riding styles and price points.
2023 focus jam2 sam2 electric emtb bosch
The Focus JAM² has been completely overhauled, featuring a new four-bar suspension platform and a lower battery placement.

The new 2023 Focus JAM²

The Focus JAM² is the German brand’s All Mountain e-MTB. It’s built around 29in wheels and features a 160mm travel fork with 150mm of rear travel. That puts it into a similar zone as the Trek Rail, Norco Sight VLT and Specialized Levo.

The JAM² has received an all-new frame for 2023, which sees a big change from the previous single pivot suspension design to a proper four-bar platform. The frame is available in both alloy (6 Series) and carbon (8 Series) variations.

2023 focus jam2 sam2 electric emtb bosch
The carbon Focus JAM² features the latest Bosch Smart Controller & Mini Remote for a clean user interface.

Regardless of frame material, every JAM² is built around the latest Bosch Performance Line CX motor. The drive unit has been rotated upwards in order to position the battery down as low as possible, not unlike the Scott Patron.

You’ll find a 625Wh or 750Wh battery inside the downtube, which is designed to be easily removable for charging separately. While alloy models feature the Bosch LED Controller and Kiox 300 display, the carbon frames upgrade to the new System Controller and Mini Remote for a more discreet user interface.

2023 focus jam2 sam2 electric emtb bosch
The battery sits lower down and in front of the motor so it can be easily removed from the downtube if needed.

There’s been a slight massage to the geometry of the JAM², which includes new rotatable headset cups that allow you to adjust the head angle between 64.5° and 65.5°. There are no other flip chips though, nor is there any mention of mullet compatibility.

Unfortunately the cables still route through the stem and headset, which adds complexity for anyone who wants to adjust the stem length. It is possible to purchase an upper headset adapter so you can run a regular stem.

There are some neat details including a heap of frame armouring, an integrated chainguide and a purpose-built tool bag. Also good to see is a generous maximum system weight rating of 150kg.

focus jam2
You can purchase an upper headset adapter separately, which allows you to fit your preferred stem.
2023 focus jam2 size chart geometry
Focus JAM² Size Chart
2023 focus jam2 sam2 electric emtb bosch
The Focus SAM² gets more travel, a coil shock and more aggressive geometry to suit rowdier riding.

The new 2023 Focus SAM²

Compared to the JAM², the Focus SAM² is the longer travel e-Enduro bike.

It also features 29in wheels, but it increases suspension travel to 180mm front and 170mm rear. That pushes it into proper big bike territory, where you’ll find other burly e-MTBs like the Norco Range VLT and Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay.

The SAM² receives the same new suspension platform as the shorter travel JAM², with a rocker link and yoke driving the top tube-mounted shock. It’s built around a Bosch Performance Line CX motor, with either a 625Wh or 750Wh battery that can be removed from the downtube.

Although the SAM² is equipped with the same modular headset cups as the JAM², it’s worth noting that the alloy frame and geometry are unique. The reach is longer, the head angle is slacker and the seat tube is steeper, making for a more aggressive package that is designed for faster and rowdier terrain.

2023 focus sam2 size chart geometry
Focus SAM² Size Chart
2023 focus jam2 sam2 electric emtb bosch
The Focus SAM² also gets a new frame with the revised suspension, motor and battery layout promising improved performance.

Focus JAM² & SAM² price & specs

The entire range of 2023 Focus JAM² and SAM² models will be available in Australia.

Prices will start at $7,599 AUD for the Focus JAM² 6.7. That is damn impressive for a full suspension e-MTB that’s equipped with the latest Bosch Smart System, a 625Wh battery, and air-sprung RockShox suspension.

The most expensive model is the Focus JAM² 8.0, which will sell for $14,499 AUD. That’s actually a competitive price given it comes with a carbon frame and a Fox Factory Series 36 GRIP2 fork. It’s also one of the only bikes coming into Australia with the new Bosch CX-Race motor.

The top-end Focus SAM² 6.0 will also come with the new Bosch CX-Race motor. Along with a Fox Factory Series 38 GRIP2 fork and a DHX Coil shock, it’s an absolute beast of a bike!

Read on for all the specs and prices of the 2023 Focus JAM² and SAM² range, and stay tuned for a detailed review once the new bikes arrive on our shores in the near future.

2023 focus jam2 8.0
The top-end Focus JAM² 8.0 is built around the new Bosch CX-Race motor and a sleek carbon frame.

2023 Focus JAM² 8.0 Limited Edition

2023 focus jam2 8.9 electric emtb bosch
The build kit on the Focus JAM² 8.9 is identical, except it comes with the regular Bosch Performance Line CX motor.

2023 Focus JAM² 8.9

2023 focus jam2 8.8 electric emtb bosch
The Focus JAM² 8.8 features Fox suspension, a Shimano XT drivetrain and Magura MT5 brakes.

2023 Focus JAM² 8.8

2023 focus jam2 8.7 electric emtb bosch
The Focus JAM² 8.7 is the cheapest model to feature the carbon frame. It also gets a smaller 625Wh battery.

2023 Focus JAM² 8.7

2023 focus jam2 6.9 electric emtb bosch
If you prefer alloy, the Focus JAM² 6.9 is the top-spec option in the range and features Fox suspension and a Shimano XT groupset.

2023 Focus JAM² 6.9

2023 focus jam2 6.8 electric emtb bosch
The Focus JAM² 6.8 might be the value-pick of the bunch thanks to its impressive $8,999 AUD price tag.

2023 Focus JAM² 6.8

2023 focus jam2 6.7 electric emtb bosch
The cheapest option is the Focus JAM² 6.7, which features the Bosch Smart System, RockShox suspension and Shimano SLX drivetrain. That’s a lot of bike for the money!

2023 Focus JAM² 6.7

2023 focus sam2 6.0 electric emtb bosch
The top end Focus SAM² 6.0 features the new Bosch CX-Race motor, a Fox Factory Series 38 GRIP2 fork and a DHX Coil shock.

2023 Focus SAM² 6.0 Limited Edition

2023 focus sam2 6.9 electric emtb bosch
Not fussed on the CX-Race motor? The Focus SAM² 6.9 comes with the same build kit and a standard Bosch Performance Line CX motor for two grand less than the 6.0 model.

2023 Focus SAM² 6.9

2023 focus sam2 6.8 electric emtb bosch
Equipped with a Fox 38 and a DHX Coil shock, the Focus SAM² 6.8 hits a lot of the right notes.

2023 Focus SAM² 6.8

2023 focus sam2 6.7 electric emtb bosch
For $8,999 AUD, the Focus SAM² 6.7 is the cheapest model in the SAM² lineup.

2023 Focus SAM² 6.7

2023 focus jam2 sam2 electric emtb bosch
We’re looking forward to putting the new Focus JAM² and SAM² to the test on our home trails – these new e-MTBs look fantastic!

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