First Look | New 2025 RockShox Super Deluxe & Vivid Coil Shocks, Plus Upgrade Kits

Today RockShox has unveiled its 2025 suspension lineup, which includes a new Pike, Lyrik and Zeb. Those forks see the introduction of the new Charger 3.1 damper, which promises plusher performance on the trail thanks to its increased oil flow and broader tuning range.

RockShox has taken a similar philosophy to its rear shocks, which are also updated for 2025. Here we take a look at the Super Deluxe, the brand new Vivid Coil, and the upgrade kits that’ll be available for existing owners.

2024 rockshox vivid coil shock
The RockShox Super Deluxe has been updated for 2025 with new damping internals and the option of a new bigger Linear XL air can.

2025 RockShox Super Deluxe

The RockShox Super Deluxe is a piggyback shock that’s designed for trail and enduro riding. Depending on the bike, you’ll typically find it matched to a Pike or Lyrik up front.

In terms of its structure, the new shock looks very similar to the existing model that was launched two years ago. It still features the DebonAir+ spring design that can be tuned with Bottomless Tokens, and it’s offered with externally adjustable rebound and compression damping. On the Ultimate version, the Super Deluxe incorporates the premium RC2T damper with separate high and low-speed compression adjusters.

2025 rockshox vivid coil shock
The Ultimate level shocks offer independently adjustable high and low-speed compression damping.

Most models come with a two-position lever for engaging a firm pedalling mode, and there’s also an optional Hydraulic Bottom Out function that provides additional ramp-up support in the final 20% of the stroke.

Compared to previous versions, the key difference with the 2025 Super Deluxe is found inside at the main piston. Featuring an updated design that offers greater oil flow, the primary goal was to reduce overall compression damping to improve grip and sensitivity. Combined with a lighter rebound check plate, the new high-flow piston is claimed to smoothen the transition between the compression and rebound stroke.

You’ll find the new damping internals on all versions of the new Super Deluxe, though the high-flow piston is also available in a $50 AUD upgrade kit for existing owners.

rockshox super deluxe high flow piston upgrade kit
You’ll be able to purchase the high-flow piston aftermarket and retrofit to your pre-2025 Super Deluxe shock.
2025 rockshox vivid coil shock
The new Linear XL air can pumps up the volume and can fit up to eight Bottomless Tokens for tuning the progression.

Linear XL air can

RockShox is also introducing a brand new Linear XL air can for the Super Deluxe shock. Joining the existing Linear and Progressive options, the Linear XL offers more volume that helps bridge the gap to the much bigger Vivid Air shock.

The Linear XL air can is still tuneable with Bottomless Tokens, but the larger size means it can fit eight Tokens in total, compared to just four in the existing air cans. This provides a very broad tuning range that means the Linear XL air can provides a similar level of end-stroke progression as the Linear air can when no Tokens are fitted. With all eight of them it’ll ramp up almost as much as the Progressive air can.

In addition to being a new stock option for the 2025 Super Deluxe, the Linear XL is available as a $167 AUD upgrade for existing users.

2025 rockshox vivid coil tultimate
The RockShox Vivid Coil is a brand new shock for 2025, effectively replacing the outgoing Super Deluxe Coil.

2025 RockShox Vivid Coil

Whereas the Super Deluxe is merely updated, the RockShox Vivid Coil is an all-new shock for 2025. It replaces the existing Super Deluxe Coil as the flagship gravity shock that’s designed for downhill and enduro racing. As such, you’ll find it longer travel bikes with a Zeb or Boxxer up front.

Following in the footsteps of the Vivid Air shock that was released last year, the Vivid Coil incorporates many of the same damping features. This includes TouchDown technology, which adds position-sensitive damping to provide maximum sensitivity in the first 10% of the stroke. Once past this point you switch to the main piston and its conventional speed-sensitive damping. Deeper into the travel you’ll then engage the adjustable Hydraulic Bottom Out circuit, which kicks in for the last 20% of the stroke. Along with the external bottom-out bumper, the Vivid Coil aims to cushion the end of the travel to minimise any harshness at full travel.

All Vivid Coil models feature externally adjustable rebound damping, and as you go up the range you get more dials to play with. The top-end Ultimate offers separate high and low-speed compression adjusters, and it can be had with a two-position threshold lever that provides a firm climbing mode.

2025 rockshox vivid coil vs air ultimate
Here you can see the similarities between the Vivid Coil and Air shocks.

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