Kashi and a rock
11 Oct 2012

Enduro racing is taking Europe by the short and curlies and the fun, mostly downhill discipline is cranking up in New Zealand.

The latest event to show promise is The Urge 3 Peaks Enduro, which is to be held on three of Dunedin’s greatest trails on December 15, 2012. Incorporating downhill runs on the Pineapple Track, Mt Cargill Track and a course on Signal Hill organisers expect runs to take between 15-30min at race pace. Each course will feature short climbs, but they will be no more than 10 percent of the total distance according to race organiser Kashi Leuchs.

Kashi Mt Cargill

“The aim is that a 5-6″ travel all-mountain bike will be the fastest choice,” Kashi spruiked.

The Pineapple and Mt Cargill tracks are not normally open for mountain bikers, so there is no pre-race training allowed. Kashi asks competitors to please respect this “so we can continue holding future MTB events on these incredible walking trails”.

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