Josh on Signal
13 Oct 2012

Want adventure? Want a day out with your mates riding your mountain bike on a course that has a start and a finish, but just your imagination in between? We do, too.

Scheduled for November 3, 2012, the event will signal the return of adventure racing to Dunedin. The Dunedin City Mazda Adventure Challenge has been created by adventure racer Josh Harris, of the Konica Minolta team, and has been crafted to offer a touch of adventure for everyone from first-timers and families to chiseled pros like Dougal Allan (who will be racing).

Josh at the dam
Josh Harris, of the Konica Minolta adventure race team, and the driving force behind the Dunedin City Mazda Adventure Challenge.

There are three formats: 12-hour, 6-hour and 4-hour. The 12-hour and 6-hour are two-man team adventure races complete with mountain biking, canoeing (using the event’s own inflatable boats), running and navigation. 12-hour competitors can expect a 50km mountain bike ride, 20km run and short paddle. The 4-hour is an entry-level nicely paced run and bike duathlon.

“The 4-hour race is for beginners who are just getting into it and for kids, and parents with their kids,” explains Josh.

“The 6-hour is for mums and dads who are going for it and we have some of the top athletes racing in the 12-hour.”

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