23 Oct 2012

Thirty is the minimum age to get into the Masters Games. The third decade doesn’t seem that old these days, though, and getting older won’t instantly make you a sports master, no matter how many birthday candles you blow out. But there’s something for everyone in the Masters Games, ‘the friendly games’.

The Masters Games has been running since 1986. This multi-sport event travels around Australia, returning to Alice Springs every second year.

This year’s mountain biking events attracted over 90 riders – double the number of participants in 2010. Many were interstate visitors and people new to mountain biking, and they were welcomed to the trails and to the sport by Alice Springs’s local club, the Central Australian Rough Riders (CARR), which ran the cross country, the Anzac Hill climb (a 300m hill sprint), the dirt criterium (of 10 minutes plus one lap), and a 4-hour enduro.