15 Jan 2014

Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management is thrilled to announce the arrival of Australia’s first modular bike pump track, which is now ready to ride. Designed and constructed by award winning Czech company Bikeparkitect, the pump track is the newest addition to Mt Buller’s continually evolving world class bike park, and features numerous bumps, jumps and berms.

This man-made closed circuit differs from traditional pump tracks made of dirt, in that it can be easily moved and remodelled to create endless course options for riders. The track is made up of 88 parts, is interchangeable and has 102 linear metres of rideable surface. It is designed to allow mountain bikers to ride the course continuously without pedalling, by using weight shifts (pumping) and gravity to drive momentum.

Set to be positioned in the Mt Buller Village, the pump track will be perfect for beginners practicing balance, learning skills and improving confidence on a bike before heading out onto the trails as well as also being perfectly suited to intermediate and advanced riders looking for a new challenge. Fun for everyone, the pump track is suitable for use by all ages and abilities including kids and can be ridden on any size or type of bike.

Pump Track

Chief Executive Officer of Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management, John Huber, is excited for the new product the resort will have on offer. “Continual diversification of our bike offering ensures that Mt Buller is able to maintain its position as the premier mountain bike destination in the state, offering a premium bike experience to all levels of riders that is internationally recognised.”


“We hope to see an even further increase in our summer visitation by attracting new events that will utilise the pump track for competition purposes, as well as a wide range of other users including scooters, skateboarders and inline skaters,” Huber said. “The addition of the track will also help to create a buzz and add to the vibrancy in the Village, as riders on a pump track are great for spectators to watch and will provide entertainment to all resort visitors.”

It comes together in only a few hours, really amazing!

Mt Buller is Australia’s first and only accredited IMBA Ride Center, recognised as offering world-class mountain bike facilities for all levels of riders. This iconic mountain bike park currently features over 100km of cross country trails including 40km of dedicated singletrack; Australia’s best cross country trail (Stonefly); two skills parks; the country’s first flow-down trail (Copperhead); Australia’s first modular pump track; and the only chairlift accessible downhill course in the state.

For further information on Mt Buller’s comprehensive network of trails, visit mtbuller.com.au.