23 Jan 2013

Mt Baw Baw has in partnership with the Gippsland MTB Club confirmed a new four-hour enduro mountain bike event, set to wheel into motion on Sunday 27th January.

The Mt Baw Baw 4HR Twilight is the first cross country (XC) event to hit the slopes of Mt Baw Baw in many years and is yet another step in the mountain’s move towards encouraging more ‘green season’ adventure activities with a particular focus on mountain biking.

The Twilight Enduro will also serve as Round One of the Gippsland MTB Championship Series and will make use of all-new single track being bedded in on old-time trekking trails.

Riders  – solo or as a team – will tackle an approx. 8km loop course, the aim to ride as many laps in the allotted four hour time period as possible. The event will kick off in the late afternoon for a full twilight riding experience, meaning riders will not be subject to the heat of the summer’s day.  The course offers spectacular views from the top of the mountain and a unique alpine environment that differs from other endure events on the calendar.

The 7.5km course is 70% cross country ski trails which will provide ample passing opportunities; the remaining 30% of the course has riders flowing down dedicated single track that has been resurrected from original trails used by the village pioneers back in the day. These trails are extremely well bedded in and show what the mountain is capable of providing XC riders.

“The riding experience will be fresh, making use of what was overgrown paths, meaning the singletrack sections will be fast, flowing downhill, but also tight and through beautiful landscape features like the snowgum stands and rock gardens that Baw Baw is known for,” says  Grant Seamer, Events Manager at Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort.

The highlight of the course is Muellers Track, a 600m long section of single track that winds its way back to the transition point; its features guaranteed to leave a smile on everyone’s face.

The event takes place on the January Australia Day Long weekend, and is the day after the inaugural Seasons of Pain Summer mountain bike and trail run multisport event, taking place on the Saturday twilight. That event has already attracted some of Australia’s top end multisport mountain bikers, many of whom have confirmed that they will back up and race the Twilight Enduro, ensuring that competition will be fierce as regional Gippsland riders match it to the top end out of towners.

The course is suitable for all ability levels and competitors can enter as a team to share riding duties.

The race is scheduled to start at 4pm with presentations at 9pm. Restaurant and bar will be open. For those staying on mountain overnight, the new Downhill Track (rated by those who have ridden it to date as being of international DH standard) will be open for riding.

Mt Baw Baw is encouraging riders to head up to the mountain early in the weekend to also compete in its Seasons Of Pain series, which will include two laps of the Enduro course – great pre-race recce riding!

Seasons of Pain incorporates running and riding legs that can be undertaken by individuals and teams alike. Riders who don’t want to run can find a mate who and team up to share duties.

See the Mt Baw Baw website for more details and registration for either events: http://www.mountbawbaw.com.au/