Bratislava City Downhill Documentary | City Downhill World Tour 2015

Slovakia’s capital city, Bratislava, came up with a jaw-dropping course for the third leg of the City Downhill World Championships back in June. 

Starting from the Bratislava Castle, it’s one of the most unique and intense races on the planet, making use of the winding city roads, stair sets and the old city walls to put the riders through their paces. Top speeds are over 60km/h and some of the gaps are around 14m long, making it a course that’s not for the faint of heart – for competitors and spectators.

Unfortunately, come race day organisers were forced to cancel the finals after just two riders had dropped in due to rioters storming the track and breaking equipment. Organisers were deeply apologetic to all riders and spectators who came out to watch as the race was never finished and no results were taken from the event.

Lets hope that 2016 brings back the high level of riding and excitement we’ve all come to expect form the Bratislava City Downhill.

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