15 Aug 2013

Former two-time junior downhill World Champion Troy Brosnan will be heading into the UCI MTB and Trials World Championships with an 11th place finish in the final UCI World Cup event under his belt improving on that will be something that the Australian has his eyes firmly set on when he takes to the Cascades MTB Park track.

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The Specialized Racing Team rider has been in good form this season and has moved up the rankings into 13th position after he registered two fifth places and a 12th in the World Cup legs so far this season and his form is something that he is happy with in the lead up to the World Champs.

“My preparations for the World Champs are going really well, I feel strong and feel in the best shape I have ever been in!” the South Australian said.

“I have been doing a lot more work in the gym on my legs for this event because the course is pretty challenging.”

The former junior star has been chasing the big guns this year and has not quite managed to catch them but he is not focusing on whom to look out for but rather concentrate on himself and see what he can do to beat the more experienced top runners.

“Going into the Worlds I always like to just worry about myself rather than the other riders because then you lose sight of what you have to do,” a focused Brosnan said.

The track at the Cascades MTB Park is unique in that the riders feel that there is a large amount of peddling needed and being strong through those peddling sections is something that Brosnan has been concentrating on in his training. With some spectacular jumps and the experience of having ridden there before has got Brosnan really excited about the opportunity.

“This World Champs track has a lot of pedalling sections so you have to be fit and strong through there so you can keep up your speed.

“It is pretty fun to ride but super hard to race with all of the pedalling but I have been there and raced there before so I will have my lines dialled when I get on the track to race.

“The big jumps would have to be the best part!” he mentioned excitedly.

Being a World Champion at junior level has meant that the 20 year old has had to deal with the hype that comes with competing at the highest level and racing for his country is something that he has come to terms with and relishes.

“I have been racing for Australia for a few years now so I know what comes with representing your country and the pressure doesn’t really bother me anymore which helps keep me relaxed when I’m racing.

“Being able to win a World Championship would mean the absolute world to me.
“It has literally been something I have dreamt of since I was a little kid and if I was the fastest in the world that would be the ultimate prize!” an eager Brosnan explained.

There are five places on the podium and being able to claim one of those is a lot of riders dreams but Brosnan is aiming higher than that – he wants to go all the way and become the fastest downhill rider in the world.

“I always go to a race wanting to win the thing so that is my first goal!

“But getting a medal would also be awesome for me because ending in the top five is a pretty impressive achievement at the World Champs.”

Being at a World Championships is one thing but being away from the major riding meccas of the world is an experience in itself. Travelling to South Africa is something that Brosnan has enjoyed.

“Travelling to South Africa is something that I have enjoyed and it has been fun every time I have been there.

“I really enjoy the country and the monkeys are also pretty funny,” Brosnan said in jest.

(This article has been shared from the UCI MTB World Champs 2013 Facebook page)