Cairns World Champs – Junior XCO Glory!

Cameron Wright, out in front on lap one. He’d own this position from go to whoa.

Cameron Wright stormed the field today in the Junior Men’s, leaving a dusty, shellshocked train in his wake, riding the kind of aggressive race that was only going to end one way: with a gold medal around his neck. This is the first XCO World Championship won by an Aussie for over a decade, and it was done in dominating style. Bloody ripper!

Give ’em the horns! Sam Fox on the rollers.

Today it was all about the XCO, and it was a bloody good outing for the Australian team overall – Matt Dinham took seventh in the Junior men’s, and our junior women were fearless, stomping the A-Lines all day in some pretty hairy conditions. The team spirit is high, let’s keep it rolling!

Yep, it was dusty. Very, very dusty. Very.

Did Nanna drop the talcum powder? Cairns continues its run of serving up weather extremes – this time it’s not mud riders are contending with, but blinding, choking dust, the ankle deep powder making it seriously treacherous on the rocks. Put your front wheel into a hidden rut or grab a little too much brake and it’s game over! We saw a tonne of riders flung down the cheese grater of Jacobs Ladder, or walloping themselves after coming in a little nose heavy on Rodeo Drop. With a few hundred more sets of wheels over the course during the next couple of days, it’s going to like the surface of the moon by the time we reach Saturday’s XCO main events.

What a day, what a place, it’s good to be back in Cairns, and it’s even better to see Australia on the top step! Make sure you watch our Rainbow Warriors edit now for all the behind the scenes action from the Aussie team too.

Sarah Huck-A-Lot Tucknott, launching into Rodeo Drop.
Sarah Tucknott saying cool, but about to drop pedal into dusty furnace.
Teagan Atherstone – we’ve never seen someone with such a permanent smile, even when suffering through a World Champs race!
Courtney Snowball in the z.o.n.e.
Courtney Snowball’s biggest fan.

Olivia Nendrick, after the storm.
Grovel, hurt, suffer – it’s World Champs after all, you don’t want to leave anything out there. 
“Give it your all, and if you die trying, die happy.” Bet those gels tasted pretty average covered in dust!
See what we mean about Teagan and smiling?
Tony Tucknott, proud as.
Teagan. Smiling. Standard.

Courtney Snowball, edging for the inside line.
Blood and dust.

Ah, the soothing sounds of knobby tyres on rollers.

Oh yeah!
Dinham launching into seventh.
Kian Lerch-Mackinnon barrels into Caterpillars.
Dusty Ben Metcalfe, looking calm through Jacob’s Ladder.
Jasper Albrecht.
Dust storm.
Powdery dust EVERYWHERE.
Hazy dayz.
Isaac Buckell.
The only non-dusty man in the race, Cameron Wright.
Buckell up.
Flying into stripes.

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