Cairns World Champs: Women’s Downhill

The ten or so seconds between when Tracey Hannah went over the bars in her race run and when she finally got the wheels rolling again was the longest we can remember. She was on a blinder, and the collective feeling of shock which reverberated around the finish arena when she went flying into the vines was crushing. The amazingly dusty surface was so unpredictable, and Tracey has simply pushed too hard at the wrong time.

As she got cranking again, and hit the next split, the arena went bananas. Somehow, god knows, she was only two seconds back! But there was no miracle finish, and Tracey’s World Champs dream would end with a bronze medal. Tahnee Seagrave, the other  favourite, also went down hard, and suddenly the race was there for the taking – Canadian Miranda Miller seized it.

Danni Beecroft absolutely killed it too, charging to fourth, with Sian A’hern also grabbing a top ten. You can get the full results here, and jump in below for our massive photo gallery.

Danni Beecroft absolutely killing it!
Sian A’hearn on her way to a top ten.

Kellie Weinert, 13th.
Sanders up on the hill!
Want onions?
Tracey Hannah, fast as hell up on the top of the track, before disaster struck.
Danni Beecroft with her Nan. “I’m very proud of her. She’s my favourite, but don’t tell the others that!”
Seagrave throws it away.
Pinned and tangled in her bike, there was no coming back from this crash.
Miranda Miller on the hot seat. She didn’t give up the top step and is the new 2017 Elite Women’s World Champ.
Tracey Hannah clawed back time after her crash, but just couldn’t do it.
Hannah sprints for the line.
Tracey with Charlie, a good friend after a tough day.
Dan and Bec were out to watch, looking a little shady after getting their off season started in fine form in downtown Cairns.
Miranda Miller, a surprise World Champ.

Hannah and Miller.
Sian A’hearn vs Matt Staggs.
Even though she must’ve been feeling pretty crushed, Tracey still signed autographs galore. Legend.
Sally Potter, 12th in Junior Women.
Ellie Smith, taking out fifth in Junior Women.

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