21 Oct 2016

The Friday night party was in The Pines tonight! The Sundown Shootout went off like a Tarantino gunfight, bodies and bikes flying everywhere in front of a huge turnout and great atmosphere.

Biggest crowds EVER! Surely a lot of them to see this man cut sick on the descents, and everyone got what they came for. Sam Hill, pinned.

Generally, mountain bikes work best with two grips. During today’s Sundown Shootout, Kyle Ward decided to give the technical Paper Trail a crack with only just one, unsuccessfully.

The Sundown Shootout is an awesome event during the Cape to Cape that embraces the Margaret River region’s amazing singletrack only minutes from the town centre in a spectator friendly format. Rider came hurtling down the track at thirty second intervals, with the top pros and locals, a couple wild cards including five time downhill World Champ, Sam Hill.

“Yeah, apparently you can jump from here down there…” “Hahaha, yeah ok mate”
Holly Harris shreds turns, here she really let fly.
This young maniac didn’t make the final, his rear wheel didn’t have the stamina after being punished on the rocky landings over and over again. He rules the boost comp.
Cam Ivory calm, low and fast over a lippy double.

The course, which featured a technical descent followed by a punchy switchback climb was built by local trail building company Common Ground, who are littering the Margaret River Pines with some of the best singletrack in the country.

There are rock gaps, deep berms, double jumps and multiple lines everywhere. It’s the type of track you could to 20 laps on and really get into the rhythm, bouncing across the features and laying off the brakes going super quick.

The most common question we heard throughout the event was if Paper Trail was in the race tomorrow! Unfortunately not folks, but it will be included in next year’s event- it’s great to see the race organisers are in tune with the wants of the riders and continuing to refine.

Hopping out of his time machine and onto the race course this guy has been all smiles this week riding some kind of rigid single speed thing in Jesus sandals, flower power shirts and flared jeans. Peace, bro.
Grommets galore, the Friday night party was in the Margaret River Pines tonight.
The old saying that kids bounce, and don’t break is true, we had an up-close demo. No worries!

In the elite male racing, Cam Ivory continued his domination of this year’s Cape to Cape, taking the win over Australia’s best jack of all trades rider, Jonny Odams.

Singapore’s downhill national champ is out racing Cape to Cape, smooth but slightly reckless at the same time.

It was a similar story in the women’s event, with Peta Mullens continuing her clean sweep of the stages thusfar.

Sharks in the water, sharks falling from the sky and straight at the landing ramp, nose first. He made it through, somehow….
Some things can't be un-seen, like a shark in sweaty light coloured undies.
Some things can’t be un-seen, like a shark in sweaty light coloured undies.
The whole crowd erupted when Kyle Ward blew off course, and rode a rodeo through the crowd and over the rocks. It’s a miracle he stayed upright, didn’t hurt anyone and still managed to clear the double afterwards! He must have not been able to reach the brakes he was in such fright, pulling his left hand grip right off the bar instead.

We couldn’t believe how pristine not just the Paper Trail, but all the trails in the pines were- it’s clear that the mixture of passionate local riders and professional trail development is working wonders for this region. Cam Ivory loved the event, asking ‘why aren’t there more trails like this at World Cups?’

How does one pull a grip off the bar, Kyle?
Sam Hill digging deep in the 400m uphill switchback climb to the finish.
Without any doubt Sam was head and shoulders above anyone else through the roughest section of the descent, insanely pinned even our camera’s focus couldn’t quite keep up!
PVDP cracking out the skin suit and showing the rocks who is boss!
Peta Mullens on the way to her third victory, she’s loving it and riding so well this week.
Rohin Adams drops in and cops an earfull from another land-dwelling shark.
Russel Coight raced today, taking the fastest time in the locals category, probably because he spent most of the time flying and not riding. He launched from the rock wayyyyy down into the corner, scaring the berries out of the crowd. Wild man!
The Paper Trail will be in next year’s Cape to Cape, it’s phenomenal. So poppy, flowing and fun to ride. Hats off to the builders, they sure have put a lot of thought and time into the lines and layout amongst the pines.
Chris Hamilton doing what he does best, going up like an elevator.
Michael Potter tipping it in through a monster berm.
On the gas, Cam Ivory gains more time over his chasers with a bonus from the Shootout, well played.
Peta is so great to have at a mountain bike event like this, always smiling and jumping on the microphone to share a tale and give the spectators a real insight into the racing. Let’s hope we see her riding on the dirt more in the future.
CASH and TIME! The ultimate bonus!

Tomorrow, the race travels 57 kilometres from Xanadu Winery to Colonial Brewery. After three days of hard riding, we think the riders will make full use of the convenient finishing point.

It’s not just the riders that are excited however, we can’t wait! Be sure to check in tomorrow for more Cape to Cape goodness.